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feeder sound upcoming past releases

Learn more about the feeder sound upcoming and past vinyl releases

If you did not get a chance to purchase one of the two vinyl releases out on feeder sound, we are happy to let you know deejay.de and vinylfuture.de collect orders for repress for both Dragutesku – Suflet Prezent EP [FSRO001] and Piktor – Similar Feelings EP [FSRO002] – you can find the links further in the article. Both releases have been stocked by excellent record stores throughout the world and sold out in 1-2 months since launch. We have seen some disquieting prices on discogs marketplace and we thought you should know about the repress option. We thank those of you who have already placed their orders by now.

As for the feeder sound release plan, you will be (hopefully) happy to learn about the upcoming two vinyl-only releases we are working to publish. FSRO003 arrives as a refreshing surprise, presenting an ever-evolving artist, whose productions are crafted with intricate details, stemming from personal feelings and experiences. Titled Transmisiune Intergalactică, the third vinyl-only release from feeder sound is produced by Oana, whose captivating sounds we enjoyed during the feeder sound live stream w/ Oana (dj set) & Livi Po (live painting). We felt Livi Po’s painting joined perfectly Oana’s sounds, so we reasoned it would be interesting to extend this dialogue by using the artwork as the cover for the new FSRO003.

We are planning to publish the fourth vinyl at feeder sound imprint until the end of this year. Stay connected and be the first to find out the artist invited and the release date.

The feeder sound label also attests to long and fruitful years of collaboration with our partners, deejay.de, working to support debuting and established electronic music artists and labels, through the EP / LP reviews and exclusive premieres columns.


Scroll down the article to discover the past and future releases at feeder sound record label.


Secret Artist – Mirror Time EP [FSRO004]

Secret Artist Bucurie - Mirror Time EP [FSRO004]Artist: TBA
Title: Mirror Time
Label: feeder sound
Cat. number: FSRO004
Release date: TBA
Format: Vinyl-only

Mastered by Pheek

Cover design by feeder.ro, incorporating the “Flight over the cuckoo’s nest” artwork by Maria Bălan, painted during the feeder sound live stream w/ Teluric (dj set) & Maria Bălan (live painting).

All rights reserved © 2020, Save or Cancel


Oana – Transmisiune Intergalactică EP [FSRO003]

Artist: Oana
Title: Transmisiune Intergalactică
Label: feeder sound
Cat. number: FSRO003
Release date: TBA
Format: Vinyl-only

Mastered by Pheek

Cover design by feeder.ro, incorporating the “YOU” artwork by Livi Po, painted during the feeder sound live stream w/ Oana (dj set) & Livi Po (live painting).

All rights reserved © 2020, Save or Cancel


Piktor – Similar Feelings EP [FSRO002]

Piktor - Similar Feelings [feeder sound] FSRO002

Piktor – Similar Feelings EP features three fresh and original cuts designed with hypnotic and eerie atmospheres and rhythms, while de artwork is provided by KSELEQOQYNQYSHY.

Opening Side A we first find “Similar Feelings”, an uplifting rhythm that smoothly flows with long bright pads and ethereal textures in the background while the percussive elements create intricate variations. In focus, there’s a distinct synth sequence which elegantly complements the bassline and the low frequencies, adding a warm groovy feeling to the whole composition. Following, there’s “The Night Before”, a deeper minimalistic cut built with abstract sounds and delicate micropatterns. Spinning with energy, the layering provides a steady arrangement for DJs to use as a tool for intricate transitions or warm-up moments.

Side B is dedicated to “The Gift That Keeps on Giving”, a track that runs for 11 minutes, building a multispectral image akin to an unearthly reverie. Reverberating notes and dubby ambiences combine in an uncanny harmony with the uncommon drumming patterns, bringing forward electronic sounds hard to define as a specific genre, infused with minimal and progressive vibrations.

Read more here: Piktor – Similar Feelings EP

Collecting for repress exclusively at deejay.de or vinylfuture.de

Thanks to all the record stores that carried Dragutesku – Suflet Prezent EP: Something Else Records,Techno Import, YOYAKU RECORD STOREdeejay.de, hhv.deVinylline Records Inh. M. Mülleraktrecords.hu, Disco PiùGoody Music, Viniil.comTECHNIQUE(テクニーク)freestyleonline, feeder.ro, juno.co.uk, redeyerecords.co.uk, BitWax, eBay, discogs. See the list & map here.

Artist: Piktor
Title: Similar Feelings
Label: feeder sound
Cat. number: FSRO002
Release date: 12.09.2019
Format: Vinyl-only

Mastered by Kassian Troyer @ dubplates & mastering

Artwork: the “Un-hidden” mural painting by KSELEQOQYNQYSHY at The Faculty of Sociology and Social Work, University of Bucharest, photographed by Petre Ghiocel for feeder.ro

All rights reserved © 2019, Save or Cancel


Dragutesku – Suflet Prezent EP [FSRO001]

Dragutesku - Suflet Prezent [feeder sound] FSRO001

“Suflet Prezent” features three mesmerising tracks by Dragutesku, delivered on quality wax mastered by TIJN and packed in a full cover designed by feeder.ro, incorporating a painting by Anita Frâncu and feeder artwork elements by Tokyotoys.

A1 titled “Suflet” was heard at SW23 and at many other parties, being supported by well-known local and international artists. The melodic nature of this cut is flavoured with bright pads and mesmerizing notes that flow along with the steady percussion, backed-up by intricate bleeping patterns and relaxed background atmospheres. The hypnotic feeling sticks to the flipside as well, “Prezent” delivering a deep and dreamy sound and continuing the story. The groovy bassline leads the rhythm while the other layers merge and evolve, with a focus on a subtle and eerie vocal sample. Closing we find “Nucomenta”, a more pumping cut designed to deliver energy through its complex arrangements. A lot of heavy modulated samples and effects add to a warped dimension, powered by a strong rhythm that will make you want to move your body!

Collecting for repress exclusively at deejay.de or vinylfuture.de

Thanks to all the record stores that carried Dragutesku – Suflet Prezent EP: Something Else RecordsTechno Import, deejay.de, hhv.de, Mitte-musik, My RecordsGravity records, trenta3giri, Disco PiùGoody Music, Viniil.com, TECHNIQUE(テクニーク), Disk Union Record Vinyl Storefreestyleonline, feeder.ro, 3345rpm.ru, Sihl. See the list & map here.

Artist: Dragutesku
Title: Suflet Prezent
Label: feeder sound
Cat. number: FSRO001
Release date: 20.01.2019
Format: Vinyl-only

Mastered by TIJN

Cover design by feeder.ro, incorporating a painting by Anita Frâncu and feeder artwork elements by Tokyotoys.

All rights reserved © 2019, Save or Cancel



Words by Cristina Popa (random), Andrei Racovițan (ubic), AndreiB



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