TZH200 // VA – Romanian Flow Anniversary Session

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TZH200 // VA - Romanian Flow Anniversary Session

Celebrating a remarkable milestone, our 200th release marks a significant chapter in our label’s journey—a testament to the vibrant tapestry of talent within our Romanian microhouse community. In commemoration, we’ve revived our “Romanian Flow” VA sessions, a fitting tribute to our roots and the essence of our beginnings.

This anniversary edition is a curated collection featuring exclusively Romanian artists. It serves as a poignant reminder of our commitment to the rich musical landscape that defines our origin. Among the contributors are cherished resident producers, occasional collaborators, and the infusion of fresh voices into the Tzinah Records.

As with all our endeavours, the VA is meticulously mastered by Silat Beksi, ensuring a sonic experience that lives up to the high standards synonymous with the Tzinah sound. Join us in celebrating the “Romanian Flow Anniversary Session,” an ode to our journey, our artists, and the unwavering love for music that propels us forward. This is the story of our 200th release, from Tzinah with Love.

VA – Romanian Flow Anniversary Session [TZH200] incl. Adrianho, Ander, Andrei Voica, Boncalo Denis, Cata, Clgr, Crescent, Da Chan, Diju, Flavius, Lynaa, Maifaunu, MPTS, Naarc, Pe Dant, Primarie, Lucide, Statik, Badinule, Two Metromaniac Guys, Vern, Vlad Bretan is supported by Raresh, Richie Hawtin, Joseph Capriati, Mihai Popoviciu, Direkt, Primarie, vlf, Michel de Hey, Satoshi Fumi, Andu Simion, Camiel Daamen, Suolo, Herck, Kirik, Los Bastoneros, P. Batou and many more! Thank you!

Raresh: “Thanks: merci fain :)”
Richie Hawtin: “Downloaded for R Hawtin”
Joseph Capriati: “Downloading for Joseph Capriati: thanks !”
mihai popoviciu: ” vern!”
direkt: ” Flavius & Vern for me!”
Primarie: “Top tracks by everyone: thank you!!!”
vlf: “Thanks!”
Michel de Hey: ” A beautiful collection of songs of excellent underground danceability. Big thanks for the generosity: Merry Christmas!”
Satoshi Fumi: “Really love all. atmospheric !”
Andu Simion: ” Congrats for the achievement: it was a continuous sustained effort to reach the 200th release. Big up and thanks for the music!”
Camiel Daamen: ” This is a goldmine!! 🙂 Thanks for sending!!”
Suolo: “Wow. huge VA. thank you!”
Herck: “Lovely VA: thank you !”
KiRiK: ” Will Play: nice pack: big tnx my fav Andrei Voica – Wahaaa”
Los Bastoneros: ” Thanks”
P. Batou: “Great VA: will play Vern: Cata: Flavius: Da Chan and others for sure! thanks !”
Vlad Bretan: “Yeah”
Flavius: ” let‚Äôs gooooo”
Chico Fadelli: ” Thanks!”
Jemmi: “Great VA: so many amazing tracks. thank you!”
Octile // DoubleTrouble: ” Amazing release: as always.”
AGELESS: “Love it”
Lipp: ” Highlights include Statik and Badinule
Csurt: ” Nice selection Thanks you C :)”
Adroit: ” Thank you!”
Cervus: “Wow huge package: will try them after a proper listen: thanks!”
Jack Cheler: “Tks full support”
Lumina: ” Awesome V.A”
Karlos Sense: ” Amazing Compilation!! Full support on our radio station. thanks a lot.”
Junker: ” Merry Christmassssss!!!!”
mihut: ” Great pack! thank you”
Vygo: ” Great collection!! Thanks a lot! Merry Christmas!”
CVTKVC: ” thx”
Arseniu: “Dope: sounds good”
Ben Abrahams: ” Top collection. Will play”
A.L.C.A.: ” Adrianho Rules”
Doubleight: ” Thank you so much! In love with the VA.”
Pablo Cornejo: ” Thank you for the music!”
Sirena: ” Fantastic collection here: congrats”
Spiri:tual: ” Great Tzinah as always: thank you for the releases.”
Vesy: “Great VA”
Pawlo Tojeda: “Amazing VA: great sounds: many thx for the music and the best wishes to you all cheers Pawlo”
fiL: “Congrats to everyone!”
Narcis: “Nice EP”
Objectif: ” Great tracks!”
Lucide: ” Thank you!”
jemmi: ” Congrats on no 200! Great va with great artists!”
Andrea Speed: “Super grooves here: Cata Andrei Voica: Clgr: Primarie: and Adrian for sure: but I will use almost all tracks THANKS”
Tobias Laun: “Very nice VA will try some tracks! thx”
Origins Of Time: “Good VA”


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