Da Chan – Speculations EP incl. Vincent Casanova [Tzinah Records]

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Da Chan – Speculations EP incl. Vincent Casanova [Tzinah Records]

Da Chan is steering the helm of our latest Tzinah EP with his remarkable creation “Speculations” leading the charge. Hailing from Timisoara, Dacian emerges as a fresh face on the scene, yet his production prowess speaks volumes. His tracks are a harmonious fusion of soul-touching melodies and invigorating grooves that stir our spirits.

For the remix, we’ve turned to our kindred spirit from the northern realms, Vincent Casanova. He has meticulously crafted a remix that radiates sheer mastery, an intricate tapestry of grooves woven with a symphony of joyful sounds.

The EP’s final form comes alive under the expert touch of Silat Beksi, ensuring an immersive mastering experience.

Allow us to recount the tale of “Speculations” EP, a collaboration between the talented Da Chan and the ingenious Vincent Casanova, a story woven with love and passion, as always, from Tzinah Records.

Da Chan – Speculations EP [TZH191] incl. Vincent Casanova is supported by Joseph Capriati, Richie Hawtin, Dubfire, Marco Carola, Danny Tenaglia, Dewalta, Hermanez, Primarie, Triptil, Max Jacobson, Los Bastoneros, Eddy Romero, Michel De Hey, Petit Batou, Vern, Sossa, Olivian Nour, Kirik and many more! Thank you!

joseph capriati: ”downloading for joseph capriati: thanks!”
richie hawtin: ”downloaded for r hawtin”
Dubfire: ”Downloaded”
marco carola: ”downloading for Marco Carola: thanks”
Danny Tenaglia: ”Downloading for Danny Tenaglia: thanks!”
dewalta: ”very nice”
Hermanez: ”Remix for me: Thank you”
Primarie: ”top ep: thank you guys”
Triptil: ”Vincent Casanova remix for me :)”
Max Jacobson: ”remix for me – thanks”
Los Bastoneros: ”Thanks”
Eddy Romero: ”I like a lots first track is totally in my style! Thanks for sending!”
michel de hey: ”Thanks for the fine release!”
Petit Batou: ”my fav is Right Now great ep: thanks !”
Vern: ”Nice! Thanks”
Sossa: ”nice release”
Olivian Nour: ”thanks”
KiRiK: ”Nice Ep: my fav Da Chan – Right Now (Original Mix)”
AGELESS: ”LP DA CHAN cool trip”
jemmi: ”Super cool EP: my favorites are Right Now and the Vincent Casanova remix!”
Adroit: ”Nice. Thanks!”
Lipp: ”Ohhhh ”Speculations” for me!!!!! its amazing”
Lurre: ”Thank you for the promo. Really nice release!”
Tobias Laun: ”thank you: Right Now! and Casanova Remix favorite”
cervus: ”nice package: will try speculations and LP: thanks”
Cirkel Square: ”Nice pack! Speculations & Vincent’s Remix nice will def try them out cheers”
jack cheler: ”tks guys: Lp (original mix) perfect”
Tiberiu: ”thanks.”
crescent: ”LP track for me! thnx a lot!”
Zenniv: ”Nice release! Remix for me!”
mihut: ”great ep: thanks”
Spiri:tual: ”Vincent on the remix is gold as always!”
Naarc: ”10x!”
Dee Bufato: ”Nice one. Will play Vincent Casanova for sure. Thanks for sending.”
csurt: ”Nice ep Thanks you :)”
Pierre C: ”thank you !”
Lurre: ”Thanks for the promo!”
Brand: ”Nice! Will support the Casanova remix”
Nicula: ”Thanks!”
CVTKVC: ”thx”
fiL: ”thank you!”

LINK https://tzinahrecords.info/tzh191-da-chan-specualations-ep-incl-vincent-casanova/

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