Primarie & Lucide – Better Than They Think They Are EP incl. Triptil Remix [Tzinah Records]

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Primarie & Lucide – Better Than They Think They Are EP incl. Triptil Remix

In the dynamic realm of electronic sounds, where connections intertwine and energies align, a powerful synergy emerged – one that weaves the essence of positivity and creativity. With every passing moment, the intensity grew, and the anticipation swelled. Thus, the bond between Primarie and Lucide deepened, giving birth to an extraordinary musical duo.

This journey commenced with a series of remarkable remixes, each note and beat hinting at the remarkable path ahead. As the harmonious resonance between them flourished, the minds behind Tzinah and Unknown Series united in purpose, creating a force to be reckoned with.

Primarie and Lucide fuse their boundless sonic imaginations in an EP that embodies their collective genius. Every track is a manifestation of their unwavering dedication to delivering auditory brilliance, showcasing the best that their ears have to offer. Diversifying the sonic spectrum, the EP becomes even more vibrant with the inclusion of Triptil remix. This gifted artist lends his creative touch, crafting a remix that encapsulates the sheer joy of minimalism.

With precision mastering by Silat Beksi, the EP stands as a testament to their passion, their vision, and their love for the art. This is more than music; it’s a story, an expression of unity and creativity, pulsating with the love that defines Tzinah Records. Thus, the saga of “Better Than They Think They Are EP” unfolds, a creation that unites the brilliance of Primarie and Lucide, adorned with the electrifying remix by Triptil. This is the story of harmony, innovation, and a shared love for music, brought to you with unwavering devotion from Tzinah with Love.

Primarie & Lucide – Better Than They Think They Are EP [TZH193] incl Triptil Remix is supported by Raresh, Richie Hawtin, Marco Carola, Joseph Capriati, Franco Cinelli, Michel de Hey, Direkt, Los Bastoneros, Iuly.B, Camiel Daamen, Petit Batou, Vlad Bretan, Kirik, Nu Zau and many more! Thank you!

raresh: ”thanks”
Marco Carola: ”Downloading for Marco Carola: thanks.”
richie hawtin: ”downloaded for r hawtin”
joseph capriati: ”downloading for joseph capriati: thanks !”
Franco Cinelli: ”Triptil for me: Thanks!!”
michel de hey: ”nice release: Triptil & original version sounds cool! Thanks….”
direkt: ”Triptil always delivers! :)”
Los Bastoneros: ”THanks”
iuly.b: ”Nice remix!”
Camiel Daamen: ”Awesome work! Love the Triptil deep breakbeat remix!”
Petit Batou: ”super Ep! Triptil remix is a bomb !thx”
Vlad Bretan: ”sounds nice: i love the triptil version”
KiRiK: ”nice EP: my fav Triptil Interpretation! Will play”
Nu Zau: ”triptil remix :)”
Primarie: ”What can i say!! TOP EP: thank you Lucide and Triptil for the amazing remix”
Lucide: ”Thank you Primarie for this collaboration. Great remix from Triptil: love it!”
ALex Rusu: ”Thank you for the music !”
Brand: ”Super nice EP: all track are great but Triptil’s for me – thanks!”
Vakru: ”Great ep: very melodic. Better than they think they are is my favourite.”
Baban: ”Nice collab guys love the whole ep + triptil remix!”
AGELESS: ”very cool”
Adroit: ”Nice!!! Thanx!”
Spiri:tual: ”Great remix from Triptil and originals are on fire.”
CVTKVC: ” thx”
Naarc: ” thanks!”
fiL: ” thank you!”
jemmi: ” Superb collab: great EP guys”
Osvit: ” Cool EP!”
Mihut: ” Triptil remix is amazing.”
jack cheler: ” tks guys”
Lowfek: ” good ep: remix ep for me”
Lipp: ” typical Tzinah vibe!! Solid EP: ”Better Than They Think They Are” original is my favorite”
Vesy: ” Amazing tunes”
pawlo tojeda: ” good sounds: thx for music”
Lumina: ” great tracks”
Baban: ” Nice collab guys love the whole ep + triptil remix!”
csurt: ” Bomb Music Thanks you C.”
arthus: ” triptil remix for me”

Primarie & Lucide – Better Than They Think They Are EP [TZH193] incl Triptil Remix

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