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Here are 10 most loved ❤️ feeder sound podcasts for you to discover and enjoy! 

Our ongoing podcast series has constantly provided you with the grooves every week for the past 6 years, inviting established and emerging artists alike to freely express themselves in the art of mixing. From the first episode delivered by Filipp to the latest 260th signed by Petit Batou, we had numerous guests from all over the world that delighted us with their sound and selections. Incorporating all aspects of house, techno and minimal rhythms, the series sums up to hundreds of hours of listening time and around 1.04M plays and counting.

For this list, we will look into the recordings published last year, starting with episode 197 by Aleksandr Martinkevič aka grad_u and ending with 243 by Vlad Arapasu. The full agenda includes 51 DJ sets with more than 55 hours of music for you to explore and get your groove on.

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10. feeder sound 197 mixed by grad_u (2961 plays)

Exploring the unique territory of dub techno the selection unfolds as a deeply soothing soundtrack which includes tracks signed by artists like Faded, Heavenchord, Sraunus, Frankie Deep, Delano Smith & Traumer, Vril, Yan Cook and Janeret amongst others.


9. feeder sound 232 mixed by Tripmastaz (recorded at Sunwaves 26) (3327 plays)

The recording incorporates a solid selection of dancefloor shakers and immersive tracks alike, spaning for two hours and thirty minutes. Get ready for a ride, because this set is going to take you on a wild journey. Tripmastaz is also a part of the jury panel for the feeder sound Open Call for DJs and producers.


8. feeder sound LIVE with Dragutesku (3531 plays)

The first session of the feeder sound LIVE streaming events saw Dragutesku at the decks while the renowned graffiti artist ERPS painted a 2×1,5m canvas as a tribute to the Romanian minimal scene. The set explores the minimal genre in all its complexity revealing deep and quirky rhythms as well as spacious and abstract soundscapes.


7. feeder sound 219 mixed by Sebastian Eric (3672 plays)

The mix flows with energy, providing one pumping groove after another while tension is built with more minimalistic cuts. The uplifting vibe is amazing and remains steadily balanced throughout the whole two hours of this very special selection which incorporates solid techno vibes, minimal and tech-house.


6. feeder sound 213 mixed by Coriesu (3916 plays)

Blending house and tech-infused cuts into a seamless and engaging recording, the selection features solid cuts with strong basslines and uplifting percussion. The journey provides an original approach to the art of mixing, specific to what the artist always has to offer.


5. feeder sound 239 mixed by Incolor (3948 plays)

“I am kind of a paradoxical person and this can be applied in music too. I am between both sides of this kind of music: I love that classy and easy-going minimal but at the same time I like grooves and that classic housy sound also. Some people consider this to be strange, some of them consider it to be a perfect balance.” – Incolor


4. feeder sound 226 mixed by Los Bastoneros (4519 plays)

The mix reveals an organic dimension of deep house rhythms, techy cuts and progressive compositions. There’s a bright harmonic feeling embedded in the set, as there’s a melodic vibration spread from track to track throughout the entire selection.


3. feeder sound 202 mixed by Verzila [Welter Records] (4877 plays)

“The mix is like a trip on a mountain, you start slowly and confidently, and closer to the end you pull hard to get up to the top and finally breathe relieved. I like to associate music with nature, to me it seems the perfect combination. I’ve recorded it on a cold February morning as I enjoyed a beer. Cheers!” – Verzila


2. feeder sound 217 mixed by Jay Bliss (recorded at Sunwaves 25) (5142 plays)

The recording includes an elegant selection of deep and organic cuts as well as dancefloor groovers flavoured with melodic moments and engaging percussive patterns. The set was recorded at Sunwaves 25 so expect to hear amazing rhythms and immersive modulations.


1. feeder sound 243 mixed by Vlad Arapasu (5998 plays)

The mix reveals an organic selection of quirky and intricate minimalistic tracks carefully picked in order to create an engaging journey. Flowing at a steady pace, the rhythms include glitched patterns, bleeping layers and heavy modulated vocal cuts that elegantly render an immersive sound dimension.


You can check previous feeder sound lists & tops. Also, we invite you to join the feeder sound OPEN CALL and discover the latest episode of feeder sound LIVE STREAMS 🔴 which featured a creative collaboration between Teluric (dj set) and Maria Bălan (live painting). You can find out more about this side venture of ours here. Stay tuned for more surprises! 🐻🎁


Words by: AndreiB


The feeder sound project is organized by Save or Cancel team, composed of Cristina Popa (random) and Andrei Racovițan (ubic), through and is co-funded by AFCN, Thematic area: Digital art and new media. The program does not necessarily represent the position of the National Cultural Fund Administration. AFCN is not responsible for the content of the program or the way the program results can be used. These are entirely the responsibility of the beneficiary of the funding.

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