feeder sound 202 mixed by Verzila [Welter Records]

feeder sound 202 mixed by Verzila [Welter Records]

This Friday, get ready for an exciting musical journey, with Verzila at the controls!

Sebastian Borca aka Verzila is a local electronic music producer and promoter, the one behind the well-known eponymous Youtube channel, as well as Welter Records. Born in Sighetu Marmatiei, the northernmost point of Romania, he developed a passion for modern electronic dance rhythms since the age of 14, exploring numerous genres and subgenres. In time, he finds various flavours of house and techno to be the ones he resonates with the most and starts dedicating more and more attention to music.

In February 2008 he creates his Youtube channel, uploading tracks he liked from various artists, including friends and emerging talents. With a focus on deep house, tech house, microhouse, minimal and techno, the initiative enjoys massive success and receives support from many directions. Steadily, the venture becomes a solid promotion platform, currently counting over 65k subscribers, 27 million views and 4160 videos.

A new chapter is written in May 2017 when he establishes Welter Records, an independent imprint aiming to offer more exposure to international and Romanian artists who find themselves at the beginning of their careers. With 80+ releases and 40+ podcasts until now, the label collaborated with artists like Hostox, Octave, Havvoc, Marcu Rares, Schime, Hans Moeckli, Entoniu & Agape, Oana Leca and Patraulea, to name only a few. Showcasing amazing production skills, the 50th material dispatched through Welter was signed by Verzila himself, bringing forward three juicy minimalistic techno tracks, flavoured with acidic patterns, melodic moments, spacious textures and intricate percussion and basslines. When it comes to mixing he’s rarely seen behind the decks, playing only at a limited number of parties, mostly the ones organised with his long-time friend Mofescu through his label Oscilatii.

“The mix is like a trip on a mountain, you start slowly and confidently, and closer to the end you pull hard to get up to the top and finally breathe relieved. I like to associate music with nature, to me it seems the perfect combination. I’ve recorded it on a cold February morning as I enjoyed a beer. Cheers!” – Verzila

feeder sound 202 mixed by Verzila unfolds as an eclectic selection of immersive rhythms, spiced with mysterious microhouse and technoid music. The recording flows smoothly from one cut to the next, teleporting you to an exciting and mesmerizing sound dimension. Enjoy the journey!


Verzila on soundcloud | facebook | Welter Records
feeder sound on soundcloud | feeder.ro


Words by AndreiB


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