feeder sound 269 mixed by Ruslan [MINIM Records]

feeder sound 269 mixed by Ruslan [MINIM Records] 01

Get ready to start your weekend with the head of MINIM Records, Ruslan Levin, or simply Ruslan at the controls. The set was recorded at the Internal Connections live stream event which took place in May and was hosted by Meoko, Leftback, Curtea Veche, Subtil, Unic, OGE, E-Numbers, Romana Records and our guest’s own imprint.

Ruslan started his career as a DJ in 1995 after he learned the craft from Matt E Love back in his Baselinelabs record shop in Framingham, Massachusetts, in The United States. Back then he spent almost all of his time in the shop, listening and playing records until one day when famed Boston resident DJ Manolo noticed him and asked him to open for a live Jan Johnson performance. The event was a success and ever since that moment he’s been laying down house music, collecting vinyl and mixing for the people on numerous dancefloors.

In 2016 he founded MINIM Records, a vinyl-only platform which brought forward amazing electronic music signed by artists like Yaroslav Lenzyak, Pheek, TIJN, Coriesu, Dragutesku, Saktu and Giash. The label allows him to find, fund, create and release top-quality works onto the scene. Nowadays, he resides in New York, where he’s always in contact with everything that goes around in the international movement.

“State of New York nightlife during the COVID epidemic is at standstill. DJ’s unable to gig out, parties cancelled, so one can imagine how thrilled I was to be invited to join a 3 day live stream event Internal Connections organized by Leftback from UK. Finally an outlet to play some music in these weird times. Anyways decided to do something different, a homage if you will to 1995-2002 timeframe. There was just so much great music in that time period and the parties were wild. So here is an excerpt from my live stream full of quirky, fun & infectious music from that time period. Did I mention I’m a vinyl junkie ;)” – Ruslan

feeder sound 269 mixed by Ruslan reveals an organic and groovy selection in which you can find various flavours of house music, from deeper, soulful and melodic rhythms to straight thumping breakbeat-oriented cuts. Expect to hear some classics as well as rare gems. Enjoy the ride! 🚀


There were 106 podcasts and 134 tracks in total submitted to the feeder sound Open Call for DJs and Producers from all over the world. See the final results here!


Ruslan on facebook | soundcloud | MINIM Records
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Words by AndreiB


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