exclusive premiere: He Did – La Promesa [Archipel]

He Did - La Promesa [Archipel] 01

feeder sound exclusive premiere: He Did – La Promesa [Archipel]

Saint & Don’t Music co-founder Ricardo Rueda aka He Did presents an outstanding electronic journey in the form of “Permaneced LP” with Pheek‘s notorious label Archipel. The album reveals an evolving incursion into deep minimalistic rhythms which capture specific moments from the artist’s experience with life, carefully chosen to be represented through steady-paced rhythms, spiralling effects and complex narratives combined.

Born in Lima, Peru, He Did is an established name in the South American scene as well as a highly appreciated international presence, with his productions enjoying support from well-known DJs such as Argenis Brito, Arapu, Crihan, Cally, Lizz and Franco Cinelli, to name a few. As a selector, he shared the decks with artists like Camelia, Alejandro Cuestas, Rodrigo Lozano, Bryce, Oshana, Ruslan and, of course, Kike Mayor his label partner whit whom he published amazing materials signed by Jessica Diaz, Dubsons, Felipe Valenzuela, Denis Kaznacheev and Fond Of Rules, among others. His style can be described as a mixture of minimalist sounds, nature, house, dub techno and endless melodies, with this LP incorporating all of those and more, going beyond into an extended sound dimension which is elegantly revealed track by track.

“Almost seven years have passed since I came to this album. It has been a really nice journey all my life since I started as He Did and “Permaneced LP” marks an end and a beginning. Each track has a story behind, inspired by many situations life presented over the years. For me, permaneced means to be still, to stay present and this LP is a reminder to have faith, be calm and think carefully about my next steps.”

He Did

“Bajo La Lluvia” opens the album with a spacious ambient soundscape, setting the stage for what is about to follow while taking the glitched textures even further into the other tracks. “En Silencio” evolves from the intro, introducing slow-paced broken drumming patterns, wobbling basslines and ethereal backgrounds to the story while our featured track “La Promesa” picks up the pace and drops a fully matured minimal sequence. Here, the additional percussive layers induce a hypnotic swing while the synth work unleashes a steady-paced vibration, enhanced by numerous variations and filtered vocal samples. Following, “Salmos” dives into more abstract realms, focusing on heavily modulated vocal samples and warm, far-reaching breakdowns while “Mi Padre Me Dijo” drops a chugging, lo-fi sound where the main element gets stretched across the whole track creating a mind-melting effect.

Here’s what He Did told us about the next cut: “La Mamina” is in the memory of my grandma. You can listen in the breakdown weird sounds that actually are recordings from her old radio she used to listen all afternoons.

Next, “Dos Senores” flows with a soothing mood and has a funky progression while “Libertad Limitada” dives deeper into full-swing arrangements, driving percussive rolls and eerie pads. “De Gracia En Gracia” reveals a subtle deep house-infused scenario and “Ultima Vez” puts the cherry on top. The bleeps and quirky microlayers of this one morph into alluring cosmic journeys that can make one daydream in an instant. Closing the LP, “Pequena Ofrenda” returns to a chilled yet driving rhythm flavoured with heavily modulated vocals and dissonant reverberations. A highly recommended release right here for selector and collector alike!

Pre-order your copy of Permaneced LP from Bandcamp.

Artist: He Did
Title: La promesa / Permaneced LP
Label: Archipel
Release Date: 04.12.2020
Format: Digital

Words by: AndreiB

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