Echoton – Establish Enigmas EP [Archipel Musique]

Echoton - Establish Enigmas EP [Archipel Musique]

The evergreen label Archipel Musique announces their next output in the form of a four-track EP from the dynamic duo, Echoton. Oozing class and otherworldly textures, the “Establish Enigmas” EP is a meandering body of work, transcending from start to finish, constructed with real finesse. Each track peels back layers of ambient, downtempo, trip-hop, IDM, and beyond, all presented in an eclectic manner. 

Opener “Chromatic Clouds” provides a pensive soundscape, triggering you to delve deeper into your thought processes and imagination, floating from one image to the next. Original and unique sounds in “Inexplicable Matter”, an amalgamation of glitchy broken drum arrangements and yet more curious sounds as Echoton scratch way beneath the surface of typical electronic music. 

Boasting yet more beautiful synths and deeply immersive elements is “Spiral Mandala”, massage your mind with this innovative and inspiring voyage. Closing the “Establish Enigmas” EP comes “Gallimaufry”, a story in itself as it twists and turns for an impressive nineteen minutes, tiptoeing around what seems an outdoor setting with crickets chirping, quirky pads work their way around the body of the track, with everything converging in perfect harmony, most certainly not an easy feat to achieve. 

Meaningful and emotive music for the soul from the Echoton pair and further standout music from an established label of this generation, constantly in motion, continuing to propel outside of the box music.  

Soon to be released on Archipel Musique.

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