AEUL – from graffiti to canvas painting

AEUL - from graffiti to canvas painting

Explore Bucharest through street art in public space and discover the omnipresent, minimalistic and funny character of Aeul. The character was always there, in the subconscious mind of the artist, until one day “it decided to break free and like any other creature, it felt the need to multiply”.

The author is “more or less an instrument, a decorator of the (character’s) universe”. Hundreds of piggy-dogs appear and disappear all the time, but a certain thing is that, for the last decade, this personified animal invaded the streets and walls of Romania. We had a few chances to collaborate with the artist behind this mysterious, anonymous, but also well-known, creature. It is fascinating to see so many of his characters when walking the streets of Bucharest. We found out that they sometimes talk with one another, and are forming different communities.

We probably saw over 1.000 characters in the last 10 years, across Bucharest, Brașov, and Vama Veche.

Since 2017, when we published the extended feeder insider interview with Aeul, we managed to take more than 200 photos of Aeul‘s interventions, together with our colleagues and collaborators.

2020 AEUL x

This year, we were supposed to celebrate 16 years of activity with a huge series of events, but ongoing events put almost everything to a hold. We are happy we managed to make this wonderful graffiti with Aeul at the beginning of the year.

AEUL sketch 2020

The elusive artist also contributed to the package of drawings submitted by various visual artists for a digital colouring book. The endeavour was an invitation for everyone to add colour to their favourite artists’ works, in order to express their own vision and connect through the online medium, during the distancing measures taken by the authorities during the first stages of the pandemic, here in Romania.

The Painter’s Night (Noaptea Zugravului) by AEUL (painting, acrylic on canvas, 30 x 30 cm)
The Tear of the Wish (Lacrima Dorinței) by AEUL (painting, mixed medium on canvas, 50 x 40 cm)
The Pianist at the End of the World (Pianistul din capătul lumii) by AEUL (painting, acrylic on canvas, 30 x 30 cm)

During the recent lockdown, AEUL continued his work, introducing the character on canvas, with three works now available in the feeder shop.

feeder sound LIVE STREAMS with CR15TINA (dj set) & AEUL (live painting)

“An infinitely circled road, the evolution of states (moods/feelings) and dreams in the spiral of time floating through space”


In September, during the feeder sound live with Cr15tina, Aeul brought his characters into a large canvas, depicting a flight through the universe, discovering and experiencing interesting phenomena like time-space, colours, vibrations and the rainbow spectrum.

Many people do not know that Aeul is also doing lettering. A lot of them. Aeul has a particular style in creating complex calligraphies with lines and colours, overlaid and combined in abstract shapes, or defining elements of his creature.

Un-hidden Street Art in Romania book AEUL

You can find some live locations of the piggy-dog by exploring the Un-hidden Romania Map and also enjoy them as published in the Un-hidden Street Art in Romania Book, which can greatly help you to discover independent art in public spaces and guide you around!

Words by Cristina Popa (random) & Andrei Racovițan (ubic)
Photos by Cristina PopaAndrei Racovițan, Petre Ghiocel (VJ VLC) & Aeul

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