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Livio & Roby – Moons EP [UVAR]

The well-known Romanian record label Uvar returns with another hot wax, a groovy four-tracker titled “Moons EP” dispatched by local DJs and producers Livio & Roby. With a rich discography that includes Barac, Ada Kaleh, Andrei Ciubuc, Vid, Cosmjn, Vlad Arapasu, Robert Apetrei, and Cally, to name a few, the imprint run by Nu Zau & Sepp adds another gem to the collection in the form of UVAR011.

Silviu Sandu and Robert Precup aka Livio & Roby┬áhave been busy lately, travelling and playing delightful selections in Romania, France, Mexic and The United Kingdom while bringing forward fresh music with publishers like Drumma, The Rabbit Hole, Kusi Records, Rawax, and their own playground, Tier. The consistently high quality of their output brought them international support from big names in the industry and often they headline major festivals and brand parties around the world. They are also known for their project Premiesku alongside George G, a live show built around hardware that has been customised and reconfigured for their own use, without any computers involved. Delivering top-notch electronic dance music for more than twelve years, they don’t seem to show any sign of stopping too soon, and a lot more will follow.

Livio, Roby - Moons EP [UVAR] back

“Moons EP” opens with “Cascada De Ev”, a chilled groove for early evenings. Melodic and balanced by clear and steady percussion, the track flows with reverberating notes and pads, while the background textures add a dreamy dimension over the core layers. Next, there’s “The Game”, a more uplifting cut designed with quirky sounds and hypnotic rhythm, perfect for any dancefloor.

On the flipside, we find the title track “Moons” and it’s little brother, “Reductie”, a stripped-down and dubby edit of the original. The whirling spaced-out spirals, glitchy patterns and vibrant harmonies are served with a playful minimalistic percussion that builds tension with subtle acidic sounds.

Listen to the snippets and grab your copy of Moons EP at


Artist: Livio & Roby
Title: Moons EP
Label: UVAR
Cat. number: UVAR011
Release date: 22.05.2019
Format: Vinyl-only


Words by AndreiB


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