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Various – Uvar LTD 003 2×12” [UVAR]

Romanian record label UVAR returns with the third pressing from the 2×12” Limited Edition series, a Various Artists compilation featuring well-known local and international artists. On this one, the music is provided by Suciu, under his Sushi moniker, VincentIulian, Giuliano Lomonte, Robert Apetrei, Cally, Wareika, Barut and Qili. Delivering colourful minimalistic house and techno rhythms, the VA takes the listener on a delightful journey through modern electronic soundscapes.

Owned and managed by Nu Zau and Sepp, UVAR released amazing music over the years and became one of the most important names in the underground electronic dance music scene worldwide. The catalogue is impressive, as well as everything else related to the imprint’s activity, including the showcase events. Uvar LTD 003┬áis another statement for the label’s vision, bringing forward the music that shapes our days and nights.

Suciu aka Sushi opens the selection on the first record with “Over The Drum”, a driving rhythm designed with an engaging percussion ready to sweep any dancefloor. The eerie and heavy modulated vocal samples add to the story, while intricate effects blend in to create a groovy effect. Following, we find the steady narrative of VincentIulian‘s “Safirewire”, a minimalistic composition that features ongoing subtle ghostly whispers in the background, as well as intricate percussion elements that create tension from time to time. On the flipside,┬áGiuliano Lomonte dispatches exotic oscillations with his track “Mediterranee”, a lush cut filled with vocals and unconventional arrangements ready to make one travel with his mind to sunny beaches and beyond. Closing, we find the mesmerising sounds of “Tantric Underground” signed by Robert Apetrei. Rolling with acidic patterns and a sublime broken beat, the track is flavoured with an old-school vibe to which a playful bassline that sounds just like a bass guitar is added in order to achieve a raw analogue effect.

On the second record, Cally delivers a classic and groovy minimal sound with “Vo Lu”, while the German trio┬áWareika reveals┬á“Moondog”, a cut that blends intense drumming sequences with heavy modulated jazzy harmonics. Rising talent Barut follows with “Zinnia”, a deep and warm track flavoured with melodic synths and progressive themes. The cut feels like a summer breeze and flows elegantly into Qili‘s “Konkordski”, a spacious and alluring rhythm that closes the VA on an uplifting and emotional note.

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Artist: Various
Title: Uvar LTD 003
Label: UVAR
Cat. number: UVARLTD003
Release date: 02.10.2018
Format: 2×12” vinyl-only


Words by AndreiB


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