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Vlad Arapasu – Endz026 [Eastenderz]

The notorious record label Eastenderz returns with its first pressing for 2019, this time local artist Vlad Arapasu being the one behind the release. Endz026 features four groovy cuts designed with minimalistic flavours and steaming tech rhythms, ready to sweep the frequencies and delight any dancefloor. With VincentIulian and Priku as VincentAdrian, Lizz, Arapu, Wickham, Viceversa, and label-owner East End Dubs dispatching amazing materials in 2018, we can’t expect less from the imprint this year.

Bucharest-based Vlad Arapasu is a versatile DJ and producer with intense activity in both local and international electronic dance music scenes for some time now. His music is influenced by a variety of modern styles, having techno or house patterns at its core. He’s also associated with well-known projects like Dubsons, together with Robert Apetrei, and Nusons, with Nu Zau alongside the duo. In 2015 he also co-founded Algorhythmic, a vinyl-only independent label with a catalogue that includes names like Pascal Benjamin, Cerec, Direkt, Rojid, RQZ and Dubsons, of course. Following a solo career as well, he delivered several EPs and collaborative works with Subtil Records, Tooloop, Atipic, The Senss and Uvar.

Side A opens with “What Is The Point”, a real dancefloor shaker designed with a warping bassline, driving percussion and subtle glitched effects that build tension. The background layers reveal a heavy modulated vocal sample that adds to the story, while the cut flows with energy. Following, “Udont” unfolds as a tempered minimalistic rhythm, providing a deep and mysterious sound. Again, eerie vocals reverberate along the track, emphasising an introspective yet mesmerizing feeling.

On Side B, we first find “Little Walker”, a hypnotizing cut infused with a solid growling bassline, ethereal pads and haunting vocals. There’s a dark theme present here, while the groove maintains an uplifting note. Closing the wax, there’s “Cavity”, a playful composition with colourful notes and melodies in focus. The percussion provides a steady balance while the textures engage in a seamless morphing dance, adding a groovy dimension to the music.

Grab your copy of Endz026 at deejay.de


Artist: Vlad Arapasu
Title: Endz026
Label: Eastenderz
Cat. number: ENDZ026
Release date: 18.03.2019
Format: Vinyl-only


Words by AndreiB


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