feeder sound 408 mixed by Ruslan [MINIM Records]

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feeder sound 408 mixed by Ruslan [MINIM Records] article

Get ready for a steaming special selection for this episode of our ongoing podcast series with Ruslan at the controls delivering yet another inspiring sonic journey.

Based in New York, Ruslan Levin is a seasoned DJ and producer and can easily be considered a veteran of the international electronic music scene as he started his career in 1995. Having Matt E Love as a mentor back in the days when he used to work at the Baselinelabs record shop in Framingham, Massachusetts, it’s no wonder his strong passion for house and techno took over him and set the course of things to come.

An avid digger and record collector, Ruslan launched his vinyl-only platform Minim Records in 2016 which now counts 8 memorable releases that include works from artists like Octave, Kike Mayor, He Did, Guillaume Coutu-Dumont, Ohm Hourani, Pheek, TIJN, Jay Tripwire, Derek Carr, Dragutesku, Jerome.c, Giash, Coriesu, Komponente, Saktu, Yaroslav Lenzyak and LOy, among others.

Additionally, in 2019, he embraced another venture called Deep Sleep Robot, an imprint dedicated to unearthing timeless and rare gems produced between 1990 and 2004, featuring artists like Len Lewis, Ronin, Johan Bacto, Van Delta and Dav. These ageless tunes are brought back to life, offering a new generation of listeners an opportunity to revel in the musical treasures of the past. He was also our guest for feeder sound 269 recorded at the Internal Connections live stream event during the pandemic.

“Picture this: I’ve been on a thrilling archaeological dig through the sonic archives, unearthing rare musical fossils from the past that will make your ears dance like never before. Now, let’s not forget the plot twist – I recently leveled up in life and became a dad (yes, diapers and all!). The little bundle of joy kept me on lockdown for 16 months, but fear not, I’ve finally managed to break free! Just like a superhero escaping from diaper duty, I emerged to rock the dancefloor at the Undisclosed party Brooklyn, NY with my amazing friend Ohm Hourani and the very talented Dragos Ilici. It was an epic night and this mix is my sonic time capsule, aiming to capture that energy and keep the party spirit alive. So, brace yourself for a thrilling ride through history, where the beats are as fresh as my dad jokes! Let’s groove together and create unforgettable memories with this mix that’s bursting with musical gems from the past and the zany spirit of a new dad hitting the decks once more!”


feeder sound 408 mixed by Ruslan sets off with a vivid combination of house and breaks cuts and slowly dives deeper into uncharted sound dimensions which include old-school productions and rare gems that incorporate a wide spectrum of house, techno and minimalistic rhythms and textures. Adjust the volume of your speakers and enjoy this amazing selection, perfect for the upcoming weekend.

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