premiere: Alexi Delano & Marcelo Rosselot – These Days [21th Street Records]

Alexi Delano & Marcelo Rosselot - These Days [21th Street Records] 01

exclusive premiere: Alexi Delano & Marcelo Rosselot – These Days [21th Street Records]

After recent collaborations with Alex Baciu, Danilo Schneider and CL-ljud, 21th Street Records returns with “Vamos Piano EP” signed by Alexi Delano and Marcelo Rosselot alongside label heads Entoniu & Agape on remix duties. It’s not the first time the two Chilean artists work together yet their unique synergy delivers the best outcome every time.

With more than two decades on stage, Alexi Delano is well-known for his distinct approach to modern electronic music, going from warm minimalism to dark vivacious techno. Throughout time he published his productions with labels like Svek, Minus, Hybrid, Drumcode, Visionquest, Get Physical, Railyard Recordings, Little Helpers, Poker Flat and his own ADLTD, among others. He also shares a lasting friendship with Marcelo Rosselot, co-founder of Andes Music, the first Chilean venture to release house and techno music on vinyl in the country. In his career, Marcelo collaborated with labels like Cadenza, Kling Klong, Fantastic Friends, Weave, Gastspiel, Sound Architecture and Wir, to name a few.

“These Days” closes the EP with a straight banging minimal sound set at 120 bpm. The sluggish rhythm is smoothly flavoured with wobbling basslines and ever-evolving synth work that seems to continuously build tension while the shuffling hi-hats add an extra groovy swing.

The original take on “Vamos Piano” reveals a bright composition designed with dancefloor aesthetics. Karina Rotunno’s vocals add an equally sensual and mysterious feeling to the story as the journey subtly dives into South American themes. Entoniu & Agape‘s remix takes the title track into an uplifting dimension spiced with dubby reverberations and spacious breakdowns. The vocal cuts undergo heavy modulation yet the rhythm delivers energy throughout.

Grab your copy of Vamos Piano EP from Beatport.

Alexi Delano on soundcloud / facebook / instagram
Marcelo Rosselot on soundcloud / facebook / instagram
21th Street Records on soundcloud / facebook / instagram / beatport
Title/Label: These Days / Vamos Piano EP / 21th Street Records
Release Date/Format: 30.10.2022 / Digital

Words by: AndreiB

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