feeder sound 365 mixed by Danilo Schneider b2b Entoniu & Agape

feeder sound 365 mixed by Danilo Schneider b2b Entoniu & Agape

feeder sound 365 mixed by Danilo Schneider b2b Entoniu & Agape [Enough! Music b2b 21th Street Records]

This week we have a sepacial treat for you. You are invited to discover the musical universe of Danilo Schneider, Entoniu & Agape. Listen to their striking b2b set recorded for feeder sound, and uncover their current and future projects, while reading this extended feeder insider interview.

feeder.ro: In June 2022, you released Danilo Schneider – Restart EP, from which we premiered Restart 22.2 in our exclusive premieres column. This is your second collaboration on 21th Street Records after Danilo remixed Entoniu & Agape’s Too drunks on the eponymous EP. How did you connect and what made you want to release the tracks making up the Restart EP?

Danilo: In the past we got in touch and talked about working together. The idea for a collaboration was obvious. I like their work and musical handwriting.

Entoniu: When we opened the label our first thing was to ask Danilo to remix Too Drunks because for me is a top dj and producer, for Restart EP I asked Danilo if he had some free tracks and then after listening to the promo we choose this track and place remix for him.

Agape: We have always appreciated Danilo and having his sound on our label makes us proud.

f: The EP also includes Entoniu & Agape’s remix for Restart 22.3. Tell us about the workflow for this remix and how you feel about the result.

Danilo: I’m overhelmed by this remix. The depth and the warm arrangement are on point. Great!

Entoniu: Listening to 22.3 Agape explicitly asked to start the remix and…

Agape: …and given its hypnotic groove I finished it in one day, I’m very proud of this track.

f: Your amazing b2b set spans over 2 hours and features some of the best rominimal tracks, from underground landmarks such as RAL1002 and Qu’est-ce que vous voulez?, to fresh tunes such as Danaza by Ilya Yansima, out on feeder sound Peace in Ukraine VA vol. I, punctuated with fragments of your own productions. How did you put together your b2b set? Did you prepare in advance and shared ideas while doing so, or was it a spur-of-the-moment thing? 

Danilo: We had previously talked about one or the other track and spontaneously recorded the set.

Entoniu: I prepared a dj set of 1 h then I ask Danilo if he want to send to us a 1 h set and we have made it up, for selection I preferred to play some old tunes from our archive.

Agape: Yes, this time Entoniu has brought out all the best music that we usually play at the end of the evening, in this case, I just listened and approved 🙂

f: Knowing you are in different places, Germany, in Danilo’s case, and Italy, in Entoniu & Agape’s case, how did you work out the logistics for this performance?

Danilo: We each prepared a set and coordinated it musically.

Entoniu: For me and Agape is the routine to share and co-work on projects. The same with Danilo he shared with us the dj set and we have unified.

Agape: The network allows us to always be connected even from miles away, we talk several times a day and we can manage everything without problems.

f: What are you working on at this moment? 

Danilo: I’m taking it a little easier at the moment. Currently the focus is on the production for my label Enough! Music. But I don’t put myself under any pressure.

Entoniu: At this moment I work on some edits and for a new track for our label, we have more projects on stand by I attend to meet in July with Agape to close some ep and new ideas in my studio or Simone Tagliabue studios, that is a magical place where we can meet listen to new music and plan new sound, we are planning to make a new collaboration with him.

Agape: At the end of July I will be in Milan at Entoniu’s and we will certainly prepare the basis for a new season of music on 21th Street.

f: Entoniu & Agape, you head 21th Street Records and Danilo, you run the Enough! Music record label, as well as producing your own tracks. How do you balance your time between your own creative endeavours, label management activities and your personal life?

Entoniu: For me, the timeline is very close, I have a family with 2 children and only at the night I can produce music, for the label Agape is the MAN that makes the master cover and shares with the portal of the distributor, then I share with the feeder.ro family every released for promotion and publicize.

I believe that is our passion to make music and in the past was a dream to open a Label. I m very happy now, and our catalogue on the label has big names and very good music.

Agape: We have our lives messed up by work and family but the passion for music will never die and 21th Street is proof that if you want to make music for pure pleasure in 2022 you can do it without excuses.

Danilo: In the last 2 years I was able to find a bit of myself and find a better balance between labelwork and my normal life. I choose things more explicitly. My family and my personal environment are more important.

f: Continuing on the topic of label management, what do you look for in the tracks you select for your labels? 

Entoniu: usually we listen to a track we talk about it. In my view, I search for good minimal techno with Romanian influences, and for the next release, we have some great names.

Agape: Entoniu is particularly good at selecting artists, I dedicate myself more to the “technical” part of the project…

Danilo: We love open minded and personality artist. It is a must to have a good mood. I listen to the tracks and try to analyze the idea behind the track. Enough! Music is an open minded label. We think not in boxes, we are not biased.

f: How do you feel the 21th Street Records and Enough! Music labels have evolved over the years and how do you see them in the future?: 

Agape: I always hope not to lose that energy we currently have in the selection, there are realities in which we pay a lot of attention to numbers and little to music… The only thing I would like is to find consensus from other good emerging artists and veterans. 🙂

Danilo: Yes, there are many changes and every change creates something new. With each new release on Enough! Music we keep growing further. Enough! Music stays true to itself.

f: Who are some of the artists you would like to work with in upcoming projects and why?

Danilo: I have no really prefers at the moment. So many great artist around the world but I´m a big listener of Barac‘s sound.

Entoniu: I don’t have a name but all artists that we will collaborate with for remixes need to transmit to me their passion for music.

Agape: Exactly, even before the music there is the human relationship that is the basis of everything, as with Danilo who is an extraordinary person!

feeder sound 365 mixed by Danilo Schneider b2b Entoniu & Agape

f: Thinking about the distant future, what would you like to undertake in your artistic path and how do you plan to get there? 

Danilo: Always stay focused, always learn and accept new things. No master has fallen from the sky yet 😉

Entoniu: I think I want to start with time to make the first vinyl releases with 21th. It is a dream that I have always had and by working hard I can achieve it

Agape: Vinyl is one of the fixed thoughts that Entoniu and I have… But we want to get there without compromising that change our vision on music and above all always with the collaborations that have pleased us since we started up to today, such as the one that we have with you about feeder. 🙂

Soon we‘ll publish a new premiere of their latest collboration!

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