ubiyu + friends US & Canada teamed up to release their first VA

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[UBUVA001] ubiyu + friends US & Canada

The ubiyu + friends series is a various artist compilation focused on showcasing artists’ sound by regions. We are featuring friends, new and old, from the U.S. & Canada for the first edition. The VA is packed with 21 diverse tracks ranging from house, deep house, minimal, and breakbeats. We plan to continue to showcase the + friends series with talents from throughout the world. 

1. Christian Thomas – Laguna 08:05
2. Ciphr – Just Visting 07:10
3. Coriesu – Voices 08:05
4. Pheek & Kike Mayor – Bassoon 07:06
5. Jose Vizcaino – Sabore 07:25
6. Louiv – Hollow Road 07:03
7. Black/Tuesday – Dolphin Ride 07:02
8. Martin Aquino – Ubime 08:28
9. Sam Haskin – Mushrooms and Oreos 07:15
10. Jason Rault – Robot Malfunction 07:06
11. Bucky Blue Mouth – 352 Preen 05:32
12. Majiini – Orbita Lunar 06:49
13. Ruslan – Da Sleaze 05:47
14. Chklte – Loaded 09:01
15. Tito Mazzetta – Martian Rose 07:11
16. Father Sheed – Always Blue 06:23
17. Baasmal – Blind Lion 07:01
18. Jay Tripwire – Grasshopper 06:49
19. Daniel Allen – Bog 06:33
20. Robert Roman & Varela – Things Are Not What They Seem 06:33
21. Paolo Rocco – Warm Light 06:48

Grab your copy of UBUVA001 at Bandcamp.

Artist: Various Artists
Title: VA 001
Label: ubiyu
Cat. number: UBUVA001
Release date: 05.11.2020
Format: digital

Mastered in Berlin at RVAudio

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