Madd Rod’s first studio album got remixed

Madd Rod’s first studio album got remixed

Some months ago Madd Rod delivered his very first studio album and has made the artist explore different soundscapes. For him, music is much more than assembling sounds: it is a constant reminder of the diverse experiences that he has lived. 

Dystopian Desert, Madd Rod’s first studio album gets its second round with the release of this versatile EP of remixes. Last November 20th, 6 of the 12 original album tracks were selected to get remixed by six creative artists from all around the world.

This new EP arrives with Dizharmonia, Modeplex, and Mila Journée who explore the soundscapes of La Bastille, Nile Calling and Narmer on innovative melodic techno revisions. On the other hand, Rafael Cerato turns Potens into a dreamy Indie Dance adventure; To Ricciardi gives an Organic House twist to Black Note Serenade, and London-based Kishan teleports the album’s Interlude to his hometown with a Garage remix.

Buy Madd Rod’s Dystopian Dessert Remixes here

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