Entoniu & Agape – Multumesc Mult EP [Tip Tap Records]

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Entoniu & Agape – Multumesc Mult EP [Tip Tap Records]

The Italian duo Entoniu & Agape drops “Multumesc Mult EP” on the Spanish label Tip Tap Records, featuring three original tracks and a remix signed by Mobile Soul System. The release delivers a solid deep tech sound, flavoured with glitchy and crisp percussion, lush atmospheres and intricate build-ups.

Tip Tap Records is an underground digital label established by Alvaro Martinez aka Medu. Launched in November 2009, the imprint is inspired by the most avant-garde and minimalistic face of electronic music and promotes artists from all over the world. Among those who dispatched materials with Tip Tap we find DoubtingThomas, David Delgado, Marko Nastic, Alexis Cabrera, Bolumar, Petar Cvetkovic, Duky, Sonartek, Sebastian Roya, Fernando Sanz, Cesar Martinez, Dan Noel and Enzo Leep, to name just a few.

For this EP, the duo teams-up with Mobile Soul System, a Russian producer and DJ with an intense activity in the underground scene. The collaboration adds energy to the whole story, showcasing a strong minimal rhythm that flows elegantly with the other tracks. With works published by Minordub, Zeitlos, Binaural Arts, Frucht, Enough! Music, Phunk Traxx, Introspection, and more to follow, Entoniu & Agape are enjoying a productive period, as it seems they are always working on something in the studio.

The title track “Multumesc Mult” opens the EP on a dubby note, having reverberating chords and effects in focus, while the percussion is techy and relaxed. Grainy textures and cavernous sounds contribute to the build-ups, creating an alluring spatial dimension. The remix, on the other hand, features a hypnotic glitchy percussion, smoothly blended with wobbling effects and micro patterns. The bassline sweeps the low frequencies with style and a subtle melodic sequence gently morphs in the background. “Ceresc” unfolds as a pumping composition that incorporates a variety of styles. A vocal sample leads the cut while bright melodic atmospheres evolve into a trance-like pattern that makes your mind start wandering into places. The rhythm is balanced and steady making this track perfect for any dancefloor. Closing, there’s “Numar Privat”, a minimalistic piece designed with a heavy rotating percussion that goes from a stripped-down, and sometimes, syncopated beat, to moments of breakbeat infused arrangements. A swirling effect emphasizes the groove and bleeping notes are there to capture your attention. Another smooth EP coming from the two, standing as a statement to their versatility as rising and talented producers.

You can find Multumesc Mult EP here.


Artist: Entoniu & Agape
Title: Multumesc Mult EP
Label: Tip Tap Records
Cat. number: TT216
Release date: 26.11.2018
Format: Digital

Words by AndreiB


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