Entoniu & Agape – 079 EP [Welter Records]

Entoniu & Agape - 079 EP [Welter Records]

Entoniu & Agape – 079 EP [Welter Records]

Focused on production, the Italian duo Entoniu & Agape have been working a lot lately, dispatching intriguing house and techno influenced music with various labels. Recently, they released “Poker EP” on Deep Tech Records, “Multumesc Mult EP” on Tip Tap Records and their first independent material, “Station EP“, on their Bandcamp page. This adds to a rich discography which includes works brought forward through Binaural Arts, Enough! Music, Kootz, Natural Beat Recordings, Phunk Traxx, Frucht, Baile Musik, Introspection, Minordub, DataTech and Zeitlos, to name just a few.

Now, the two return with three fresh cuts on Welter Records, the imprint managed by Verzila, who’s been our guest on the feeder sound series not so long ago. With amazing electronic dance music delivered by artists like Hostox, Octave, Havvoc, Marcu Rares, SchimeHans MoeckliOana Leca and Patraulea, the imprint is internationally known for promoting the good vibes through its online channels. An in-depth interview on the feeder insider series with the owner will reveal more about this project soon.

With “079 EP”, Entoniu & Agape explore a deeper side of techno, blending resonant atmospheres and melodic patterns with intricate percussion. Designed with a unique approach to modern sound, the EP provides introspective and groovy vibrations, standing as an argument for the artists’ passion and devotion to music production.

“Hole” opens the EP with a deep sound designed with a peculiar broken beat, to which spacious textures and reverberations are added in order to create a lush dimension. Subtle layers of melodies and samples also come into play creating a relaxed musical journey. Next, there’s “Mescalina”, an uplifting track that maintains the same immersive atmosphere while the percussion and the bassline deliver a pumping sound. A vocal sample can also be heard from time to time, building tension as the cut flows. Closing, we find “Rabbit”, an electronic rhythm that focuses on it’s solid and melodic bassline. The background elements flow steadily along with the crisp percussion, adding to the calm nature of the cut.

You can find 079 EP signed by Entoniu & Agape, here.


Artist: Entoniu & Agape
Title: 079 EP
Label: Welter Records
Cat. number: WR079
Release date: 03.02.2019
Format: Digital

Words by AndreiB


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