feeder sound exclusive premiere: Entoniu & Agape – Berlin [21th Street Records] + video

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feeder sound exclusive premiere: Entoniu & Agape – Berlin [21th Street Records] + video

Entoniu & Agape present the first release on their freshly established imprint 21th Street Records in the form of an engaging four-tracker titled “City EP”. The concept reveals an interesting array of sounds they’ve sampled from around the world, with the tracks pinpointing at locations like Berlin, Madrid, Jerusalem and the Rio Grande river which flows in the southwest United States and northern Mexico. Each rhythm is unique and manages to capture the energy of its designated place while offering groovy minimalistic arrangements flavoured with a techy vibe.

The Italian duo is well-known for the diverse sound they bring forward through their productions and selections, going from minimal or deep and dubby compositions to powerful techno or house music. Their extensive discography includes collaborations with numerous labels worldwide among which we find Deep Tech Records, Welter, Tip Tap, Introspection Recordings, Kootz Music, Phunk Traxx, Natural Beat Recordings, Frucht and Zeitlos Music, to name only a few. Aside from this, they also have two EPs and several edits and remixes up on their Bandcamp and Soundcloud pages, so we can definitely say that setting up their own imprint came as a natural step in their career as a result of a lot of work driven by a relentless passion for electronic music.

💥 Let’s dive in the atmosphere of “Berlin” exclusively on feeder sound:

Designed with a solid bassline, steady-paced percussion and resonant background pads, the track flows with ease while teleporting the listener to the streets of Germany’s capital city through carefully integrated field recordings specific to one of the most loved places on Earth by electronic music enthusiasts. The breakdowns offer a calculated balance, providing the rhythm with short breathing moments and a pinch of granularity.

Build in a similar fashion, the other three tracks will take you on different journeys, from the deep and spacious sounds of “Madrid” to the groovy output of “Jerusalem” and finally to a more progressive feeling on “Rio Grande”.

Grab your copy of City EP from Beatport.

To find out more about what drives them, what inspires them and what plans they have for the future, we invite you to read the interview we had with the duo a couple of months back, just before the pandemic started and a lot of things changed in all of our lives.


Artist: Entoniu & Agape
Title: Berlin / City EP
Label: 21th Street Records
Release Date: 08.05.2020
Format: Digital


Words by: AndreiB


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