feeder sound 147 mixed by Hans Moeckli

147 Hans Moeckli feeder sound

feeder sound 147 mixed by Hans Moeckli

As a 23-year-old music enthusiast from Switzerland, Hans Moeckli got hooked by the GUTE Family and DUB Safari party label and their deep and minimalistic music. Almost one year later he found his pleasure in producing his own mixes and podcasts. His music is mainly focused on organic loops and deep rhythms. His principle is “Less is more“.

“No Hans, no Dreams. Enjoy!!”

feeder sound 147 mixed by Hans Moeckli is a journey through minimalistic techno music that incorporates deep and groovy tracks that blend into techy rhythms as the mix flows. You can easily find yourself in a relaxed state of mind and suddenly feeling the urge to start dancing as the sounds evolve and change. Best way to start your weekend! 🎶

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Words by AndreiB


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