Ruven Medici – To The Bone EP [Neustadtmusik]

Ruven Medici - To The Bone EP [Neustadtmusik]

Ruven Medici – To The Bone EP [Neustadtmusik]

Swiss imprint Neustadtmusik returns with an amazing pressing titled “To The Bone EP”, this time with Ruven Medici being the one behind the production while Ukrainian artist iO (Mulen) drops a steaming re-interpretation of the title track. Founded in 2011 and based in Lucerne, Switzerland, the record label is widely known for its showcase events as well as for its rich discography which includes releases by Dietrich & Strolch, Nader, Simon Slice, Khristian K, Raltz and Hans Moeckli, among others.

Ruven Medici is a house, microhouse and minimal producer who constantly drops groovy plates or inspiring DJ sets for electronic music enthusiasts and selectors alike. Throughout his career he collaborated with Fieldtrip Records, Winder, Hoarder, Brosh, Ingi Beats, Samani, Tangible and Whoyostro while also managing his personal playground Dub Solution where you can find materials from Petter Preston, Sven Muehlemann, Whyt, Denis Andreev and, of course, the artist himself.

Side A opens with the title track “To The Bone”, an uplifting, funky cut that stands out with its driving bassline, prominent percussion and swinging synth work. The energetic rhythm delivers a consistent vibe from the very first second to the last, rendering this piece perfect for peak-time moments at any party. Following, iO‘s remix adds an extra progressive feeling to the whole journey, taking the original into cosmic dimensions that will definitely make anyone want to dance like nobody’s watching.

On Side B we first find the hypnotic sound of “Don’t Say”, a minimalistic and steady-paced rhythm dominated by flowing lyrics, a skippy bassline and shuffling drumming patterns. The tempo remains in a dynamic range while all the layers blend into an organic sequence that once you’ve heard it, you’ll never want it to stop. Closing the wax, “Lemak” brings forward a smoothly textured minimal atmosphere flavoured with quirky effects, subtly glitched elements and a driving narrative. A highly recommended 12″ right here!

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Artist: Ruven Medici
Title: To The Bone EP
Label: Neustadtmusik
Cat. number: NM016
Release date: 01.02.2021
Format: Vinyl-only

Words by AndreiB

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