Entoniu & Agape – Old Fever EP incl. Emiliano Martini Remix

Entoniu & Agape - Old Fever EP incl. Emiliano Martini Remix

Entoniu & Agape – Old Fever EP incl. Emiliano Martini Remix

Entoniu & Agape form a duo whose musical journey debuts on Enough! Music, exploring the groovy side of electronic music. Created within a modern framework, the careful arrangement of thumping basslines and melodic ideas bring into mind the cheerful old fever associated with voyages and a sense of discovery.
The original tracks “Old Fever” and “Anarcotic” are developing from roving, restless basslines that push up the blithe tone of this dancefloor-oriented EP.
The energy packed into Anarcotic will make you close your eyes and open your senses while moving onward into a dancing stream of self-awareness. Anarcotic‘s narrative is extended with a soothing hypnotic remix by talented Emiliano Martini.
Old Fever, the track which lends its title to this EP, is a dynamic synergy of decisive power-sounds which underwrite scintillating memories.
Entoniu & Agape’s longstanding friendship of more than 10 years, and a common appreciation for music converted into a musical duo, DJing and producing together, while currently working with Introspection, Tip tap records, Binaural Arts, Baile Musik White, Kootz, Frucht, Low Rec, Uf recordings, Tief Ltd, Glanding, Phaze Audio, Minordub.

ENOUGH! MUSIC is a label dedicated to electronic, house and techno music, founded in 2010 in Berlin, Germany, by Danilo Schneider. They previously released albums, digital and vinyl sound works by artists such as Guido Schneider, Digitaline, Dana Ruh, Marc Miroir, Eveline Fink, Plusculaar, Ilario Liburni, Daniel Dreier, Tom Clark, Oana Leca, to name a few. Enough! Music statement stands for clean, intelligent and unapologetic sound with its own identity and attitude.

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Artists: Entoniu & Agape, Emiliano Martini
Title: Old Fever EP
Label: Enough! Music
Cat. number: DIGITAL029
Release date: 20.08.2018
Format: Digital


Words by Cristina (random) & Andrei (uBIc)


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