Entoniu and Agape - Therapia [Introspection Records]

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Entoniu & Agape – Therapia [Introspection Recordings]

Introspection Recordings drops “Therapia” by Entoniu & Agape, a minimal techno journey infused with deep textures and alluring atmospheres. The EP reveals four fresh tracks that deliver a unique sound as the two friends and music makers like to cross the boundaries set by genres and experiment freely with their music.

Founded in 2015, Introspection Recordings is an international platform for artists that aims to bring forward a fusion between music and art that touches all inner emotions and feelings. Amongst the artists that collaborated with the imprint, we notice CL-ljud, Simone Combusti, Nikolai Iliev, Lorenzo Magnozzi, Cosmjn, Matthew Redden, Hansel! and Yuki Fukuyama.

With releases on Welter Records, Tip Tap Records, Deep Tech Records, Zeitlos Music, Phunk Traxx, 2 Owls Limited, Dubsphere, Inwave, Frucht, Quanticman and Kootz Music, to name only a few, the duo is restless and always working on something. Recently, they dispatched their first independent material, “Station EP“, on their Bandcamp page and provided an engaging selection as our guests on feeder sound. More will follow in the future so stay tuned!

The EP opens with the title track, “Therapia”, an uptempo composition designed with gloomy effects and long dark pads in the background. The percussion reveals to have multiple variations and the hi-hats deliver intensity and momentum. Next, there’s “Camp De Fiori”, a chilled cut with a steady rhythm and minimal arrangements that builds tension through long breaks and reverberating notes. Following, “Genetical Problem” stands out with its peculiar sounds and off-the-grid beat, the rotating layers of the track creating a hazy atmosphere filled with sci-fi like modulations. Closing the release, we find “Lake” with its progressive insertions and melodic synths that create a colourful texture. Breaky in nature, the percussion flows with elegance while subtle glitched elements add a dubby dimension to the track from time to time.

You can find Therapia signed by Entoniu & Agape, here.


Artist: Entoniu & Agape
Title: Therapia
Label: Introspection Recordings
Cat. number: INTR031
Release date: 10.05.2019
Format: Digital

Words by AndreiB


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