feeder sound 208 mixed by Entoniu & Agape

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The Italian duo Entoniu & Agape are on the rise and we’re excited to have them as our guests for this week’s episode of feeder sound.

With a distinct approach to music making, Entoniu & Agape bring forward a particular sound that goes beyond genres, fusing elements from various styles. The rhythms they deliver go from deep and dubby techno to minimal and pounding tech. They love to experiment with their production, adding resonating atmospheres, grainy textures and intricate modulations to their tracks. When they mix, they follow a similar pattern, blending old and modern music alike with unreleased edits and samples, in order to provide unique and groovy sonic adventures for the people.

The duo has been focused on spending time in the studio lately, dispatching amazing EPs with labels like Welter Records, Tip Tap Records and Deep Tech Records. At the end of last year, they also released their first independent material titled “Station EP” featuring two original cuts, available on their Bandcamp page in digital format. Working together for more than ten years and with more and more appearances lately, Entoniu & Agape prove to be versatile and determined artists, so more will follow in the future for sure.

“Learn all about music and your instrument, then forget everything on both the music and the instrument and play what your soul dictates. This mix is the result of a long friendship and passion for this world that makes our life a little more carefree. We thank all those who believe in us and support our passion.” – Entoniu & Agape

feeder sound 208 mixed by Entoniu & Agape unfolds as a mesmerizing journey into the world of electronic dance music, with smooth transitions that guide us through an engaging selection. Carefully balanced, the recording builds tension at a steady pace and fades into more texturised sounds towards the end. The mix also includes some recently released works, adding a personal touch to the story.


Zorum – Unplugged (Teluric Remix VINYL ONLY) [Isla Records]
Toto Chiavetta – Analog Suite [Innervisions]
Crescent & Gorbani – Jetlag (Original Mix) [NG Trax]
Entoniu & Agape – Mescalina
Djosh – Observatory  [Mood 24 Records]
Franco Motta – Sunday 287  [Mood 24 Records]
No Rules (UK) – Chapter 1 [Weirdtracx]
Pola – B2 Double Wedding (Altitude Remix VINYL ONLY) [All Inn]
Entoniu & Agape – Station
Entoniu & Agape – Hole


Entoniu & Agape on soundcloud | facebook | bandcamp
feeder sound on soundcloud | feeder.ro


Words by AndreiB


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