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Various Artists - PCDV0003 [Perception Dub] 1

Last updated on April 28th, 2018 at 07:42 pm

Various Artists – PCDV0003 [Perception Dub]

Founded by Jemil Deep and located in Zurich, Switzerland, Perception Dub‘s newest vinyl is represented by Julie Marghilano, Petar Cvetkovic, Cumuli, Ra:h, Bvrton and Dragutesku. The VA features 4 psychedelic, pumping and powerful dancefloor bombs that will stimulate everyone’s mind with their hypnotic rhythms, synths and basslines.

A1 kicks in with “The Essence” signed by Julie Marghilano, a pumping tech rhythm that gradually unfolds elegant vocal cuts that emphasise the track’s theme, twisted synths, wobbling effects and intricate layers of sounds that contribute to the core sound. A2 is Petar Cvetkovic‘s “Patrimony”, a dark and heavy technoid sound, with subtle whispered vocals that contribute to the hypnotic atmosphere unleashed by this sequence.

On the flipside, B1 signed by Ra:h, Cumuli and Bvrton, has indeed a very self-descriptive title, with a very groovy wobbled acidic bassline that swirls through all the other sounds. “Acid and Salad” sweeps the frequencies and presents itself as a true booty-shaker. B2 is Dragutesku‘s “Inefabil”, a complex composition with unique percussion and sublime vocal cuts that merge into the rolling rhythm unfolding a mysterious psychedelic story taking place in the realm of techno music.

Various Artists - PCDV0003 [Perception Dub] 2

Grab your copy of PCDV0003 at deejay.de

Artist: Various Artists
Title: PCDV0003
Label: Perception Dub
Cat. number: PDV003
Release date: 17.01.2018
Format: Vinyl-only

Words by AndreiB



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