Cumuli, Bvrton, Ra:h – Visare EP [Perception Dub]

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Cumuli, Bvrton, Ra:h – Visare EP [Perception Dub]

Switzerland based record label Perception Dub returns for its fourth release with “Visare EP” signed by label owner Cumuli, long-time friend and music producer Bvrton and Rabih Beaini aka Ra:h. The four-tracker 12” includes two original cuts and two remixes, one from Romanian techno icon Vid and one from the Spanish artist Sonodab.

Living and working in Zurich, Jemil Deep aka Cumuli and Bvrton have an intense history in playing and composing music together and creating a signature sound for Perception Dub is one of their greatest musical adventures. For this EP they teamed-up with Ra:h, a Lebanese artist that has a unique approach when it comes to electronic music. His techno beats are often imbued with various elements from darkwave, krautrock or eerie world music, thus his presence on this 12” feels like adding a super secret ingredient to the mix. The included remixes unfold with elegance as Vid and Sonodab bring more pressure to the wax with a pumping sound.

The original tracks composed by the trio, “Visare” and “Hoia Baciu”, unravel as exotic micro tech rhythms with a lot of organic elements added to amaze: glitched percussion, swirling pads and effects, melodic background textures, harmonic leads and dub patterns. The compositions are immersive, bringing specific layers in and out of focus, emphasizing the complex nature of the production. Vid‘s remix takes “Visare” somewhere between the realm of dub techno and pumping tech rhythms, exploring the musical possibilities of the track and the concept – a journey into sound while getting lost in thoughts or daydreaming. While the original “Hoia Baciu” is more melodic, the remix designed by Sonodab transforms it into a full groovy option, with a crazy bassline that leads the rhythm and the other layers. A beautiful release, definitely not to miss!

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Artist: Cumuli, Bvrton, Ra:h
Title: Visare EP
Label: Perception Dub
Cat. number: PDV004
Release date: 16.07.2018
Format: Vinyl-only


Words by AndreiB


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