feeder sound 303 mixed by Matje

feeder sound 303 mixed by Matje 01

Today we ride the minimal waves with Matje at the controls delivering an extended journey into hypnotic dimensions and truly driving rhythms 🚀

Matje is a Romanian artist living in London who’s been mixing and making electronic music for more than five years now, exploring a large spectrum of sounds from house, deep house and microhouse to minimal techno and breaks. He made his debut on vinyl in 2019 with an amazing EP published by Otaku Records while he constantly released independent materials, remixes and various edits through Bandcamp or Soundcloud. He also collaborated with labels like Arupa, Salomon Records (smooth remix for He Did) and Brosh Records. The feeder sound Open Call for producers saw him participating with a trippy reinterpretation of “Free Spirit” by Rufi feat. Elena Sstrings while last year he launched his own imprint Equinox Records with EQNX001 LP, a collection of 8 tracks that enjoyed support from the likes of Mihigh, Paul K, Cezar, Dubtil and others.

feeder sound 303 mixed by Matje reveals an eclectic selection of minimalistic sounds elegantly wrapped into an organic soundscape carefully shaped by its own productions. Enjoy the ride and find out more about what the artist has to say about the recording, his inspiration and other intriguing insights about his work:

feeder.ro: Thank you for this amazing set. We are curious to find out more about the process and the story behind this DJ set. What methods do you use to disconnect from the quotidian life and connect to the musical universe?

Matje: Every set has its own unique story. For this one, I selected some recent favourites and mixed them (most of the times by using three decks) with some unheard and unreleased tracks of mine and one collaboration (min 17) as well. Long walks in nature are the perfect catalyst for my inspiration.

f: Your set spreads for more than two and a half hours. What are the main elements you use to keep contact with listeners while offering an atemporal journey?

M: I see the whole process as a journey of sound healing (melotherapy) for the mind, body and soul. I tend to start somewhere around 118BPM, and then as the story unfolds, the tempo is increased proportionally. The key is to surprise the audience by creating surreal soundscapes which drive their curiosity and engagement throughout the whole set, ideally triggering a state of mind, like transcendence.

f: During this extended pandemic, many artists contemplated the world. Others created a lot, while others faced a lack of inspiration. How did you keep yourself focused and motivated?

M: I believe these peculiar times were definitely challenging for the whole industry. However, I managed to focus more on my creation and simultaneously boost my motivation as I transpose my feelings into sounds. While enhancing my knowledge by studying and discovering the endless possibilities that a modular synthesis system has to offer, I also started my own label (Equinox Records) with a fresh vinyl-only sub-label coming up (EQNXWAX LTD). Once I learned how to operate and modulate analogue signals, my workflow has been blooming like never before. It is definitely the biggest step forward for any connoisseur. It opens an infinite, sonic gate into the musical multiverse, changing the whole modus operandi when it comes to composing and arranging my tracks.

Matje on facebook | soundcloud | Equinox Records
feeder sound on soundcloud | feeder.ro

Words by AndreiB

Artwork by Constantin Malmare (Partisan label art-director)

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