Matje – OTK006 [Otaku Records]

Matje – OTK006 [Otaku Records]

The sixth instalment to soon be released by the notorious Italian imprint Otaku Records presents Matje‘s long-awaited debut on wax, with early support coming from artists like Cezar, Priku and Dubtil. OTK006 will be available only on 180gr vinyl and the pressing will be limited to 300 copies. The mastering was made by label owners Mario Meneghini and Domenico Savio aka Laboratori OTK while Side-B also features an amazing remix dropped by Andu Simion.

Adding even more flavour to a delectable catalogue so far signed by Vid, Triptil, Mihai Pol, Dragosh and Bucurie, the 12” stands as another solid argument for the innovative collaboration between Otaku Records and the Romanian scene. Matje is known for his incredible reinterpretations of classic songs like The Door’s “Rider On The Storm” and Bee-Gees’ “Stayin’ Alive”, as well as for his independent releases on Soundcloud and Bandcamp. As a selector, he recently shared the decks with Petre Inspirescu and Ted Amber, bringing forward his unique approach on minimal techno and microhouse.

On Side-A we find “Kinematics”, a hypnotic composition designed with an uplifting tempo, subtle dark motifs and eerie modulations. The bassline is equally solid, adding depth to the percussion while tension builds on intricate variations as the cut flows. On the B-Side we first find “Manuscript”, a darker and more twisted cut that has a gloomy vocal sample in focus, while the rhythm keeps rolling at a steady pace. The additional percussive elements sound like they are coming from a laboratory where something mysterious is going to happen. Closing the wax, Andu Simion‘s re-work on A1 reveals a heavy-rotative dubby sound that seems to incorporate elements from both tracks. The immersive atmosphere on this one sure takes you on a journey, from the speakers into a daydream!

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Artist: Matje
Title: OTK006
Label: Otaku Records
Cat. number: OTK006
Release date: 04.09.2019
Format: Vinyl-only


Words by AndreiB


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