feeder sound 355 mixed by Irren

feeder sound 355 mixed by Irren 01

As spring rolls out in all its splendour and nature fully comes back to life, we invite you to warm up for the upcoming weekend alongside Irren at the controls.

Born in The Republic of Moldova and currently based in the UK, Irren is an eclectic selector that loves electronic music in all its shapes and colours. From acidic intros with shape cutting beats to diffusive sequences of organised sounds, her elements for the next set are smoothly leaning on one another. An odd bit of perpetual moulding comes in hand while she takes over the controls within her own kaleidoscopic vision of minimal versus ground shaking beats. She reshapes a stripped-back paradigm into what later becomes a session of musical novelty, surrounded by heaps of feet moving hits and hands waving resonance. Throughout time, she shared the decks with artists like Bryz, Dubfound, Birdsmakingmachine, Dragutesku, Zwak and Matje, among many others, painting up a sonic self-portrait inside the frames of her beloved chunks of electronic music.

feeder sound 355 mixed by Irren incorporates various shades of techno, minimal techno, house, microhouse and breakbeat, that elegantly blend in order to tell an intricate story that will make anyone dance in seconds. In the selection, you can find tracks from artists like dBRm, Difid, DJ Vibe, Luca M & Just2, among many other driving and inspiring gems. Adjust the volume of your speakers and enjoy the ride!

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Words by AndreiB

Photo by Larry Jordan

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