feeder sound exclusive premiere: Dragutesku – Fonetic [Unic]

feeder sound exclusive premiere Dragutesku Fonetic

feeder sound exclusive premiere: Dragutesku – Fonetic

With their debut vinyl release ‘Visions’ about to hit stores worldwide, industry brand Unic partner with feeder.ro to premiere A-side opener ‘Fonetic’. Crafted by talented Romanian producer Dragutesku,Fonetic’ is an elegant piece of minimalist techno that pits fluid, crystalline drum patterns against pensive atmospheric tones. The results are a hypnotic tale that speaks of contact with otherworldly entities.

“I liked the collaboration with Unic because they are very professional and visionary guys. The song fits perfectly with the other tracks on the VA. It was a good chemistry from the start.” – Dragutesku

Visions EP contains four different experience translated into music by Dragutesku, BRYZ, Silat Beksi & RQZ.  We‘ll review the entire VA soon, so stay tuned for more underground sounds.


Words by: Jared Bergsma & ubic


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