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feeder sound 164 mixed by Elia [Unic]

Last updated on April 3rd, 2019 at 12:21 am

feeder sound 164 mixed by Elia [Unic]

Hello everybody and welcome to the 164th episode of the feeder sound series. This week we are happy to present to you the set recorded by Elia, a captivating story told through sounds and feelings.

Co-founder at Unic imprint DJ and producer enthusiast Elia alias Anthony Elia has an interesting vision to support the underground vinyl culture and sound in Sydney. He is the caretaker of a mix series published periodical on Unic soundcloud profile. By reviewing the latest 12” releases & putting the spotlight on international artists and labels, Unic is the connecting channel between Sydney’s growing scene and Eastern Europe’s sonic melting pot.

“My musical ambition predominantly consists of continuously striving to achieve a better quality sound layered with hypnotic, spacey and cosmic textures which not only hypnotizes the listener but allows them to feel the groove” – Elia


For feeder sound 164 Elia makes interesting connections between tracks and artists, incorporating obscure releases. You have many opportunities to be surprised along the way or lost in a hypnotic loop. Enjoy!


Elia on soundcloud | facebook
Unic on soundcloud | facebook
feeder sound on soundcloud | feeder.ro

Words by ubic


feeder sound is a showcase of local and international talent alike comprised of DJ sets and fresh tunes meticulously curated in a sound collection which promotes mutual recognition and cultural exchange between musicians worldwide.


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