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feeder sound 386 mixed by Knyazev 01

Ready for a new episode of our ongoing podcast series? This Friday we invite Knyazev to take over the sounds and deliver a truly immersive selection.

Hailing from Rostov-on-Don in the Russian Federation, Knyazev is a passionate DJ and electronic music producer who likes to explore various styles and genres closely related to minimal techno, microhouse, dub techno, deep house, breakbeat and anything in between or beyond. As an up-and-coming presence in the international underground scene, sonic exploration remains a focus while future gigs are announced to follow-up soon and studio time is definitely an important aspect all the time.

Knyazev has been growing a strong passion for music since childhood and always envisioned the moment he would write his own compositions. His love for modern styles leads him on the path he’s on right now, with releases on labels like Microgarden Lab, MixCult, Raro, LW Recordings, minim.all, Ly Abby Records, Not Allowed, Punchis, Sintoniza and Report Records, among others.

“With this podcast, I wanted to convey my mood and introduce the listener to the unique sounds of rominimal rhythms and textures. There’s a smooth beginning and an organic development of the whole story.”


feeder sound 386 mixed by Knyazev delivers an immersive and driving carousel of sounds, perfect to get you all warmed up for the upcoming weekend. Carefully crafted in order to deliver an organic flow, the selection includes tracks from artists like Rush Arp & Vern, Matice & Constratti, Cristina Lazic, Bryz and Stancu, among others. Adjust the volume of your speakers and enjoy the ride!

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Knyazev on soundcloud | instagram | bandcamp
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Words by AndreiB

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