feeder sound 314 mixed by Topology

feeder sound 314 mixed by Topology

This Friday we invite Canadian DJ, producer and label owner Topology to deliver the proper weekend vibes, so adjust the volume of your speakers and enjoy this inspiring vinyl-only selection with the volume up!

Based in Calgary, April Terry aka Topology is a lover of modern electronic music and beyond, finding endless joy in everything related to this transcendental phenomenon that is a part of everyone on this planet. A curious digger and an avid record collector, she steadily grew her passion into a full-time career dedicated to mixing, producing her own sounds and running VRNT, a sub-label of зброї / Zbroyi.

After several digital releases on the imprint (No Signal EP, #FFFFFF EP, Dorian Gray EP), April recently announced her debut on wax to be the first pressing to arrive from VRNT in a limited number of copies. The 12″ is titled “Halah / Kazu EP” and features two original cuts and two remixes provided by Dragutesku and Roger Gerressen. The venture also collaborated with artists like Faster, Ada Kaleh, Janeret and Rennie Foster for memorable showcase events while it also runs an ongoing podcast series.

“Today some individuals think they have music and genres so figured out, but don’t understand half the time what they’re hearing. I love techno, house, tech-house and more within the minimal realm. Many individuals label certain genres based on commercialized sounds, but don’t dig enough to find what electronic music could possibly do for them. It can contribute to their life, nurture their soul or make them dance. The simplicity of such talented artists who create these sounds for the mind, body and soul is something to be cherished and deeply appreciated. These records I used for the feeder.ro podcast are some of my favourite within my collection that I feel really have that sauce no matter the classification of the genre.”


feeder sound 314 mixed by Topology reveals various shades of minimal, microhouse, deep house, breaks and subtly derived styles, elegantly merged and carefully selected. Powered by an eerie intro and outro, the set incorporates classic and modern gems like Ada Kaleh’s remix of Adjustment Bureau’s “Fum Lenes” (Pleasure Zone, 2015), Tim Etzel’s “Sunrise in Mamaia” (Pleasure Zone, 2020), Patrizio Gabrielli’s “Penelope” (Joule, 2018) and Dragutesku’s “Polifonie” (DRG Limited, 2020), among other tracks. The journey feels like an organic motion of emotions and vibrations that delivers a smooth energetic drive every second. Enjoy!

Here’s a list of the record stores 📦 around the world where you can find our new release Transmisiune Intergalactică EP by Oana [FSRO003].

Topology on facebook / soundcloud / VRNT
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Words by AndreiB

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