feeder sound 312 mixed by Arthus [Totoyov]

feeder sound 312 mixed by Arthus 01

This Friday we invite Brasilian DJ, producer and label owner Arthus to deliver the proper vibes, so buckle up and enjoy the ride!

Emerged in the night of Brasilia as dependent on music as on oxygen, Arthus began to stand out as a DJ for his daring style, always seeking to incorporate exclusive trends in his selections. Gradually, he found his safe place in the deep house, minimal, microhouse triad, solidified his identity and set his course. The mothership took him to planets that until then seemed inhospitable: D-EDGE, Green Valley, Belvedere, El Fortin, 5uinto, Matahari, Vozz, Brava Garden, Elefant (Norway) and others. With the honesty of those who know their value, he also started to recruit crew members and as a good captain, he has the gift of recognizing and empowering young talents. In 2015 he founded Totoyov record label, bringing forward amazing electronic music from artists all over the world in both digital and vinyl formats, with the latest release featuring Vern, Sebastian Eric, Petit Batou and Jacobo Saavedra. In the catalogue, we also find works signed by Gabriel Sordo, Fabiano Pit, Constratti, Nicolas Barnes, Dubphone and Djosh, to name only a few.

As a producer, Arthus collaborated with labels like Metroline, Habits Records, Simple Things, PhonicHouse1, Stamp Records, Na Zrak, Not For Us, Hossh Records, Ruem Trax and Tzinah Records, with his tracks enjoying massive support in the international community and some being played by the likes of Joseph Capriati, Priku, Rossko, Stefano Noferini, Renato Ratier, Boghosian, Rick Maia, Ney Faustini or Aninha. Nourishing Totoyov with the same fuel he dedicates to his family (unrestricted love and passion) and forming a closer and closer crew, he has increasingly clear paths on his journey, with still many horizons to be explored.

“When you record a special set for a channel like feeder, the track selection needs to be as well. So this mix is pretty much based on songs that I really like to play. I brought in a lot of producers that I love, songs from some friends, from my record label Totoyov, some unreleased tracks, and of course, I mixed some old and new songs. It’s a set that looks like me, I hope you like it!”


feeder sound 312 mixed by Arthus delivers a smooth journey into the eclectic, into resonant dimensions elegnatly infused with minimal and microhouse, extra spiced with deep rhythms or breaks here and there. Perfect to start the weekend with. Adjust the volume of your speakers and enjoy the ride with the volume up! 🔊

Our third vinyl-only instalment “Transmisiune Intergalactică” EP by Oana is now available at deejay.de so grab your copy in time!

Arthus on soundcloud | facebook | Totoyov
feeder sound on soundcloud | feeder.ro

Words by AndreiB

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