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feeder sound 304 mixed by Nherd 01

There’s a long weekend ahead so it’s required to have some quality electronic music playing in the background. For this episode of our podcast series we invite local artist Nherd to deliver the vibes!

Angelescu Mihai aka Nherd had his first contact with house and techno music at the age of 15 and from that moment on his goal was to deeply explore the intricate aspects of those genres and beyond. Four years later he has his first gig at a small local venue and after a while, he starts his own project Soundhouse, a series of underground parties hosted by For Friends Bar until 2016. Throughout this time he also travels across the country, mixing and building upon his skills as a selector, while working on his own productions as well.

Among the labels Nherd collaborated with we find Binaural Arts, Unfelde Records, Conceptual Records and Defora Records, where he drops “Enhance Connections” EP in collaboration with CGeorge in 2018. For the future, his plans include establishing a microhouse/minimal label and dispatching new releases at various outlets. Stay tuned and follow his online channels for more updates!

“For this set I selected beautiful rhythms and hypnotic sounds combined with deep grooves. Enjoy!”


feeder sound 304 mixed by Nherd reveals an amazing journey into the realms of minimal, deep house and microhouse, carefully picked for an engaging and introspective mood. In the selection, we find tracks signed by Ion Ludwig, Viceversa, MP and Dubtil among others, all elegantly balanced for a smooth ride, so adjust the volume of your speakers and hit play!

Discover 29 micROhouse and ROminimal releases that caught our imagination and surely stand out!

Nherd on facebook | soundcloud
feeder sound on soundcloud | feeder.ro

Words by AndreiB

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