feeder sound 249 mixed by Djosh

feeder sound 249 mixed by Djosh 01

Djosh, our guest for this week, delivers a deep and soothing mix, so adjust your volume and enjoy the journey on feeder sound.

Giovanni Oriani aka Djosh was born in 1994 in Milan, Italy. Since the age of fifteen, he developed a strong interest in electronic music and started spending almost all of his time in the studio producing minimal deep tech while gaining advanced knowledge of mixing and mastering. This led him on the path to release his works on labels like Duo Box Records, Tip Tap, Whoyostro LTD, Minim.All, Platform 7even, Betrieb Records, Quanticman, Cisne Negro, Baile Musik, Mood 24 Records, P.U.N.C.H.I.S. and Melotherapy, to name only a few. His latest material, “Exact EP”, will be dispatched with the local imprint Tzinah Records in March so stay sharp!

Djosh is also the founder and owner of Na Zrak Records and Kiria Records, labels that brought forward amazing music from Dieru, Rares Romanov, Involuntary Movement, Herck, Bryz, Sebastian Eric, Sepp, himself and other talented artists as well. Enjoying support from many international DJs and producers in the scene, it’s easy to say that hard work pays off for Giovanni, who constantly improves on his sound and always delivers top-notch tracks.

feeder sound 249 mixed by Djosh is characterized by a constant fluidity that incorporates minimalistic house, deep tech-house and minimal techno cuts, all carefully selected to take one into a dreamy journey. The organic transitions provide spacious build-ups from time to time, while the rhythm remains engaging throughout. Dive in!

Soon we will announce a new Open Call for DJs and producers as well as the schedule for this year’s feeder sound LIVE streaming events. Stay tuned!


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Words by AndreiB


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