Various Artists – Ambientwaves [Soundsphere]

Various Artists - Ambientwaves [Soundsphere]

Various Artists – Ambientwaves [Soundsphere]

Last year the team behind the Soundsphere project went outside the studio and started to organise a series of events dedicated to downtempo music. As a tribute, the Ambientwaves Various Artists compilation was dispatched in October, aiming to promote and develop the ambient and experimental genres on the local Romanian scene while expanding to reach and include international artists. The release stands as a distinct sonic exploration by choosing to cover a wide variety of styles and techniques signed by passionate personalities from all around the world and it was selected by The Attic amongst their Favourite Albums of 2019.

The material adds even more flavour to the netlabel’s rich discographic history which counts over 30 titles and offers over 1h of deep and immersive electronic music dispatched by eclectic music makers from Romania, France, Spain, Portugal, The United Kingdom, the United States of America, Canada, Chile, Mexico, Australia and Japan. United by a common passion, the contributors manage to capture authentic soundscapes through their tracks while assembling an organic and harmonic journey. Let’s dive in and explore the VA in more detail.

Atouck and mir.ON, the hosts of the Ambientwaves events, properly introduce the release with “Full Moon Portal Opening Sequence”, an abstract piece designed with carefully crafted modulations and multilayered crystalline patterns while the second track, “Himalaya Mantra”, sees Scan-Francisco making his debut with an introspective cut forged with Tibetan throat singing recordings and delayed effects. Next, there’s “Travelling to Antares Constellation” by Filmy Ghost, an intricate composition built with grainy textures and syncopated percussive elements, followed by Mars And Daemons with “Ed, Diane and Xenia Die”, a darker drone that features subtle industrial aspects and vivid variations. Noise crooner Arte Sacra Atelier goes fully experimental with “Theology”, combining esoteric lyrics with heavily filtered drumming sequences, as much as In Vitro‘s “Suspended on air” reveals uncanny tone clusters and glitched arrangements. In the same fashion, Technoetics, the collaborative project between Scan-Francisco and Electronic Emotions brings forward an abrasive sound through “Sevastopol”, perfectly capturing the post-war era.

Purple Crow‘s “Blue Grey” edit displays a haunting blend of dark atmospheres and signal bursts that evolve into an other-worldly drone, while “St. Hilarion” by Bemused and “Gone today but back tomorrow” by Boson Spin switch the mood, going for a spacious and bright ambient sound. Next, we find y space with “mirage”, a vibrant track infused with playful synth notes and swirling effects and Jesús Lastra‘s “Cæremonĭa” that marks another dive into the abstract, delivering eerie field recordings and frequencies. “Motionless Travel” by My Own Cubic Stone flows in the same direction, mixing seemingly endless background noise with various rugged insertions whereas Hiemis drops a stunning cinematic piece imbued with an ethereal choir titled “Voormithadreth”. Closing the VA, “On Edge” by DesuExSounds and “Cosmic Visions’ Corporation” by Superalma Project provide a deep and melancholic resonance shaped by long morphing pads, gloomy piano notes and echoed vocal cuts.

The VA is available as a free download via Soundsphere netlabel.

Come, ride the Ambientwaves! The fourth episode of the event series takes place on the 24th of January at Kuma Bar, Str. Coltei 50 in Bucharest.


Artist: Various Artists
Title: Ambientwaves
Label: Soundsphere
Cat. number: SNDSPHR033
Release date: 20.10.2019
Format: Digital


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