Amorf – Ancient Future EP [Amphia]

Amorf - Ancient Future EP [Amphia] front

Amorf – Ancient Future EP [Amphia]

Romanian trio Amorf returns to Amphia with “Ancient Future EP”, a two-tracker 12” designed with forward-thinking minimalistic techno patterns and experimental touches. Renowned for their immersive live performances, Cristi Cons and Vlad Caia aka SIT team-up with neoclassical pianist Mischa Blanos in order to deliver yet another amazing project, one that has been rapidly gaining international support as the music they deliver is unique and very groovy. The EP was recorded live at Understand Studios in Bucharest.

After their debut with “Blending Light” back in 2017, the trio dispatched “Dimensions EP” with Amphia last year, showcasing a distinct approach to modern techno music while they performed live in Romania, France, the United Kingdom, Germany, Switzerland and Israel. Challenging their audience to make huge leaps into understanding new acoustic universes that bend to no rules, Amorf reveals a truly organic and immersive experience for the dancefloor. Shaping Mischa’s liquid piano stories into musical memories, Cristi and Vlad create the sonic framework with intricate percussions and minimalistic loops, taming the strings to follow the wild tempo, sometimes lush and deep, other times harsh and raw, inducing the audience into a dreamy state of mind.

On Side A, “Recall” exhibits a complex composition with numerous and intricate variations, from dynamic piano moments to spacious and colourful atmospheric sequences. The percussion maintains a steady-paced vibration throughout the track while the growling bassline morphs into the background textures. The journey is emphasised by delayed layers and effects that add a mysterious feeling to the whole.

On Side B “Momentum” goes deeper, revealing an introspective sound built around the piano strokes. The drumming patterns are glitchy and laid-back, introducing to an eerie dimension backed-up by long pads and subtle soundscapes. The reverberating notes of the main sequence create a tangled and mesmerising story, ideal to create a hypnotic effect on any dancefloor.

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Listen to the snippets and grab your copy of Ancient Future EP from here.


Artist: Amorf
Title: Ancient Future EP
Label: Amphia
Cat. number: AMP019
Release date: 17.09.2019
Format: Vinyl-only


Words by AndreiB


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