Red Pig Flower – Rebirth And Death EP [Vandalism Black Series]

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Red Pig Flower – Rebirth And Death EP [Vandalism Black Series]

Berlin-based multidisciplinary artist Red Pig Flower presents “Rebirth and Death EP” on Dubphone‘s notorious imprint Vandalism Black Series, a part of Vandalism Musique Group. Designed with deep minimalistic patterns and engaging tech rhythms, the 12” features two original tracks and two remixes signed by Cesare vs Disorder and local producer Bryz.

Red Pig Flower is well-known for her intense artistic work involving painting, photography, video and sound production, engaging in themes such as life, death, eternity, dreams, desire and reality. Her music incorporates various contemporary styles and genres, a lot of experiments and emotions. Delivering vibrant live performances flavoured with raw analogue sounds, she travels around the world bringing forward a unique blend of modern electronic dance music. She shared the decks with artists like A Guy Called Gerald, Adam Marshall, Subb-An, Eveline Fink, Alex Nemes, System of Survival and released amazing production with labels like Baile Musik, Brise, Proper Slap, Yoruba Grooves, Runemark, Soupherb Records, and her own imprint Sound Of Vast.

On this third pressing coming from Vandalism Black Series, joining with a remix we find the head of Serialism, Cesare Marchese aka Cesare vs Disorder, as well as the rising Romanian talent Emanuel Coman aka Bryz.

Side A opens with the title track, “Rebirth And Death”, a deep minimalistic composition designed with dark textures and eerie vocals in focus. The steady percussion is spiced with a solid bassline and haunting rotating background effects, emphasising an introspective state of mind. Following, Cesare‘s remix provides an uplifting and hypnotic re-interpretation, adding a strong tech vibe to the original sounds. The vocals get modulated and distorted enough to keep the narrative in focus still, while the rhythm builds more tension as it flows.

On Side B we find “Weird Weekend”, a pounding rhythm that incorporates grainy textures, a crisp, murky beat, as well as some fast-paced vocal samples that add to the story. The driving techno sound of this cut delivers pure energy, leaving Bryz to close the wax on a melodic note. His approach combines a warm touch to the core sounds, designed in his unmistakable style, with that specific Romanian minimal vibration we all love.

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Artist: Red Pig Flower
Title: Rebirth And Death EP
Label: Vandalism Black Series
Cat. number: VBS003
Release date: 30.01.2019
Format: Vinyl-only


Words by AndreiB


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