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feeder sound 126 mixed by Dubphone

Last updated on May 11th, 2017 at 11:05 pm

feeder sound 126 mixed by Dubphone

Dubphone started to DJ in 2007 in the best after-hours spots in Bucharest and didn’t take too much and his energetic sets influenced by Romanian grooves, hypnotic sounds, and his talent brought him to a higher level.

Recently, he released Esther EP at US label Salomon Records which contains two very interesting reinterpretations from Mahony and Chris Ojeda and a remix of Desolat artist Giuseppe Cennamo‘s Strong Bodies. Also, his collaboration with Akbal is a certainly one listening to as well as Faster‘s remix for him on Yoruba Records. Dubphone also runs Vandalism Musique Group and they will launch the vinyl-only part of the label with artists from Dissonant and Vatos Locos among others.

Also, a new and interesting collaboration with Gabriel Sordo from Get Physical is on the horizon.

Prepare for a smooth tw0-hour journey inside Dubphone‘s fascinating universe of sounds where you will find crispy percussions, quirky hi-hats, intriguing vocals and powerful bass lines among an amalgam of moods and feelings. This is a perfect start for his summer which he will finish in style with a lovely tour of South & North America with cities like New York, Miami, San Francisco, Bogota, Juarez & Sao Paulo already confirmed. By the way, for all the old-school hip-hop fans there, here is an edit in the making of a legendary Biggie track by Dubphone. Enjoy your weekend.

Dubphone: facebook // soundcloud
feeder sound: feeder.ro // soundcloud

  1. […] Dubphone makes a really impressive return on Sven Jaeger’s CUE imprint with a two-tracker EP titled “Alive And Kickin”. His relentless energy and passion for electronic music can easily be seen in his activity which wasn’t put on hold lately, on the contrary, he continued to work on several projects delivering quality music for the people to enjoy. This includes remixes for Triad and ONNO, several unreleased tracks that can be found on his soundcloud page, a fresh EP dropped on his own label Vandalism Musique and another one that will be released in June through Bad Barbie Records. […]

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