Yard One & Red Pig Flower’s back-to-back ‘Sun Drenched Minimal House’ selections

Yard One & Red Pig Flower’s back-to-back 'Sun Drenched Minimal House' selections

Yard One & Red Pig Flower’s back-to-back ‘Sun Drenched Minimal House’ selections

 Red Pig Flower is a multi-disciplinary artist, living and working in Berlin. Her dreams unfold as psycho sounds, paintings, photography, and video. While red is found throughout her photography and painting, she represents her flower work in video and sound arts. She is the co-founder of “Sound of Vast”, a label which released gems like VID – Sunshineset EP or Egal 3 – Altfelnu EP, her own Space Jazz EP, and recently, Com Sin – Fiere EP.

Yard One is a London/Manchester based electronica act supported by Gunnar Haslam, Anthony Parasole, Bambounou, Tripeo and, Roman Flügel + media channels XLR8R, Input Selector and BBC Radio 1.


Enjoy Yard One & Red Pig Flower’s back-to-back ‘Sun Drenched Minimal House‘ selections, exclusive on feeder.ro


[YARD ONE] – Ricardo Villalobos – Lazer@Present (Frisbee Tracks)

My favourite Villalobos record for many years now, unlike anything else he’s ever made really and just a bumpy hypnotic groove that I never grow tired of hearing.


[RED PIG FLOWER] – Com Sin – Miere (Sound Of Vast)

A great combination of trippy minimal sounds with techno bass.


[YARD ONE] – Atjazz – For Real (Version Remix) (Innervisions)

A rare minimal cut from Atjazz and Charles Webster as Version, really respect Martin and Charles as producers, both make exceptionally classy house, electronica and acid-jazz and this is a hidden gem of theirs on a more stripped back, dubby, minimal house tip.


[RED PIG FLOWER] – Nektar Agu – Orient (Slice 01)

A great journey of imagination.


[YARD ONE] – Mountain People – Mountain 005.2 (Mountain People)

Been a longtime fan of Mountain People and this particular in the series is a cut above the rest for me, so much swing on the drums and a perfect example of a simple groove that flows and never gets boring.


[RED PIG FLOWER] – Oshana – Ignus Fatuous [Verrina & Ventura Remix] (Bodyparts)

If you’re searching for something trippy for the after party, this is it.


[YARD ONE] – Barac – Sun, and Following (Moment)

One of my favourite Romanian producers and this track of his is such a smoothly flowing, dynamic twelve and a half minutes. All of the sounds just silkily blend into one another so perfectly.


[RED PIG FLOWER] – Wareika – Riders Of The Storm (!K7 records)

Beautiful drum work on this record, and when the vocal comes in, emotions will explode.


[YARD ONE] – S.A.M. – Marabouda (Oscillat)

An absolute masterpiece from S.A.M., embracing a soft cinematic feel with the strings while his usual stripped-back drum groove, jazzy bass tones and, twinkling melodies just add another touch of class. His ‘Dreamstate Of A Bellmaker’ album is one of my favourite electronic albums of the past decade for sure.



[RED PIG FLOWER] – Roar – Neurasthenia (Olivian Nour Edit)

Good combination of oriental vibes combined with a catchy bass on this one.



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