feeder insider w/ Atjazz [en]


feeder insider w/ Atjazz [en version]

Martin Iveson is Atjazz, a British DJ, producer and composer known for his audio work within the video games industry and loved for his soul-touching sets, remixes and productions. His music ranges from house to deep house, hip-hop, and nu Jazz, genres he welcomes through his Atjazz Record Company. His recent visit to Bucharest was the perfect cue to start a conversation.

Hello, Martin!

(please, fill in the blanks)


2015 will bring… 1 new album, 1 old album and around 30 releases between both of my labels.

It takes soul to… Be honest with yourself and know when music is good and music is bad, only your soul will tell you the answer and it’s wether you listen or not that makes you soulful.

I find myself in… Turmoil most days! Lol

Time can be… Rare!

My top 3 favorite musical instruments… Fender Rhodes, ARP 2600, Korg Mono/Poly

Feeder: We’re happy to hear your soul touching music at COLOR @ Casa Presei Libere. Is this your first visit to Bucharest?

Atjazz: Yes, it is and I’m very excited to come to the city, I have a little time to read about it on my journey and a whole extra day to take in some culture.

F: Your chart on Traxsource, Atjazz – January 2015 – In at the deep end!, is a wonderfully deep, heart-warming musical journey. Where will you take us further this year?

A: I feel music need people like myself to keep real deep house alive, yet always breaking boundaries and turning corners, I aim to continue being at the front of the crown and hopefully people will follow me into battle.

“[…] dirty beats with lush warming sounds give everyone something to get into […]”

F: Your musical career is truly impressive; you’ve been composing soundtracks for well-known video games, while you’ve enjoyed producing, remixing and DJ’ing. We are wondering, what do you think makes people dance?

A: I can tell you men and women alike love contrast in music, tough dirty beats with lush warming sounds give everyone something to get into, balance is everything unless you’re a drug crazed techno-freakazoid.

F: What is the creative process behind a track? How do you start when there is no sound?

A: I play my Rhodes, or I start making sounds on synths or if I’m in the mood I throw a kick drum down… I generally have an idea very quickly and therefore roll with the punches.

F: Are you familiar with Romanian artists? I know your feelings about remixing so I think your visit here might yield interesting results. Would you agree?

A: I’m not sure and I’m not familiar with a lot of Romanian artists but I know of NTFO, Dirty Culture who made an incredible record (Workshop Delay) & tONKPROJECT, it’s a place I’ve never had the chance to discover so what ever I find or hear I’m sure to like it as it’s new to me, and I look forward to the lessons I heave to learn, I’m looking forward to the food too! Yum yum.

“I generally have an idea very quickly and therefore roll with the punches.”

F: We’d love to feature your set in Bucharest in feeder sound, our weekly musical feature. Is that a good idea?

A: LOL…. Oh yes, I’m sure we can allow this, just this once!!. #thankyou x


Thank you for this talk. Hear you soon! 100%


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