Listen to 400+ tracks released by Romanian artists

Romanian Techno only!

Listen to 400+ tracks released by Romanian artists

we decided to reveal our secret playlist, and we hope you will relish it often! With more than 3 years invested in little this cache, be sure to take your time to explore the hypnotic and captivating collection. Here you can listen to an extended playlist containing over 400 releases interesting tracks and remixes by Romanian artists. Scroll all the way down the list for the newest tracks.

This playlist includes all colour and shades of *house, techno, deep, micro, minimal spectrum of Romanian electronic music and you‘ll be amazed to find all the usual unusual local artists: Ada Kaleh, Amorf, Barac, Bucurie, Cezar, Crihan, Cristi Cons, Cosmjn, Dan Andrei, Discret Popescu, Dubtil, Dubphone, Dragutesku, Egal 3, Emi ∫, Faster, Floog, G76, Geims Bont, IULY.B, Incolor, Kozo, Lisière Collectif, Livio & Roby, Lizz, Melodie, Mihai Pol, Mihigh, Mischa Blanos, Motiv, Nea Marin, Nu ZauOana, Oana Leca, Petre Inspirescu, Piktor, Piticu, Plusculaar, Posh 111, Primărie, Puxumos, Priku, Premiesku, Radu Mirică, r.hitect, Rhadoo, Robert David, Sepp, SIT, Suciu, Tulbure, Triptil, VID, Vicentiulian, Vinyl Speed Adjust, Vlad Caia, Xandru & many other.


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