feeder sound 397 mixed by hris2

feeder sound 397 mixed by hris2 001

This Friday we return to Bucharest with hris2 at the controls delivering an inspiring selection in order to get you all warmed up for the upcoming weekend.

hris2 is a Bucharest-born DJ who has been part of the Romanian underground electronic music scene for nearly 7 years, but his love for music started way before that. After falling in love with the Romanian minimal and microhouse he started searching for influences outside of the local borders, inspiring himself from external musical factors like Apollonia, tINI, Phil Weeks, Brett Johnson, DJ Sneak, Mark Farina and others. He also gets his inspiration from genres like hip-hop, rap, jazz, blues, rock and trip-hop. 3 years ago he also participated in one of our Open Calls for DJs and producers with a set that you can listen to here.

hris2 is a versatile artist and he can quickly adapt to any environment, depending on the audience and location. He’s a passionate digger who always loses himself in record stores all around the world looking for long-lost gems to showcase to his audience, spinning old-school records with the hottest bangers of the moment. He has a strong house, dub and minimal foundation but his style cannot be narrowed to only one genre. His mixes always incorporate groovy tunes with sexy basslines and sublime vocals and he always has an ace up his sleeve that makes the dancefloor lose control.

“I will never forget this gig. It was my first party playing with the big guys. I just boarded the plane to Iași and my main hard drive, with absolutely all my music, fell during take-off and I thought “imagine it just broke”… and that’s exactly what happened. My laptop wasn’t reading the hard drive and I felt the whole world came crashing over me. I only had my record bag and an empty 4gb USB stick. I started redownloading some tracks, had some leftovers saved on my laptop and got this together. You cannot imagine what was going on in my head before the party. Fortunately, praising God, Allah, Buddha and sweet-lord-baby Jesus, when I got back home, I plugged my hard drive into a laptop with Windows and it was readable and I could back up my collection. Remember, always back up the backup of your backup. Enough said, enjoy the trip!”


feeder sound 397 mixed by hris2 reveals a live recording from the Dubla party in Iași that took place in May 2022. Warming up the dancefloor for SIT, Nu Zau & Sepp and Mischa Blanos, the artist combines minimal, microhouse and dubby tracks with his signature basslines that get the party started, gradually raising the rhythm and tempo to the desired level.

If you’re looking for the ultimate 420 Day playlist here’s a LIST of 25 tracks perfect for your celebrations.

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Words by AndreiB

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