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Get your groove on with these 25 tracks perfect for celebrating 420 Day.

Hey there! Looking for the ultimate 420 Day playlist? We’ve got you covered so it’s time to get your groove on with some fine underground electronic music. Here’s a list of 25 carefully curated tracks published in our exclusive premieres column over the last 6 months or so that will make for the perfect soundtrack to your celebrations.

From microhouse and minimal techno to breakbeat and ambient, this selection incorporates intriguing and inspiring rhythms and textures that will transport you to another dimension, no doubt. We’ll leave it to you to uncover the mystery behind 420 Day, its true meaning and significance but you can start with this Wikipedia article.

🍀 What’s the time, Sir? It’s 4:20. Niceeee!

Dan Andrei – Madrepora (soundtrack for a mural painted by Aeul in Bucharest)

Sit back, relax and start this beautiful sonic journey with Dan Andrei‘s twisted composition “Madrepora”, recorded as a soundtrack for a mural painted by visual artist AEUL in Bucharest as part of the EASP project. Revealing an immersive soundscape that fits perfectly with the imagery of taking a walk on the empty streets of Bucharest at night, the track was designed with trip-hop, IDM and breakbeat influences that explore the concept of time dilation.

Bucurie – Untitled (soundtrack for a mural painted by Bea Hopes in Iași)

We slowly drift away with the next soundscape, this time with Bucurie at the controls delivering warm and spacious atmospheres, hypnotic synth melodies and uplifting rhythms as an Untitled soundtrack for a mural painted by Bea Hopes in Iași as part of the Un-Hidden Romania project.

Cosmic Clap – Awake [AKTA Records]

Are you sure you’re still “Awake” or started to dream? Cosmic Clap‘s swinging title track from AKR05 will surely deliver an answer. Here, a twisted and stripped-down rhythm enhanced by numerous glitched insertions, distorted effects and heavily modulated vocal cuts will definitely make you set the volume up a scale.

Carolina Katun – Tonada De Luna Llena (Giovanni Molinaro edit)

On his quest to find the threshold between too slow and not fast enough, Giovanni Molinaro presents a well-structured edit of “Tonada De Luna Llena” by the talented Swiss-Mexican singer Carolina Katun. The track delivers a steady-paced groove designed with carefully tuned drumming patterns, elegantly placed glitched layers and shuffling hi-hats that smoothly complement a continuous murmur of mysterious textures.

Anton Kubikov – What A Day

“What A Day” indeed! Anton Kubikov‘s independent stream of releases includes “Hope & Love EP”, a collage of sensations and feelings left on a magnetic tape of time. Enjoy some deep and dubby sounds that will take you straight into immersive states of mind.

Alex Arnout – It’s Not Over [Fantastic Friends]

“It’s Not Over” by Alex Arnout drops an uplifting groove that unleashes an energetic drumming pattern to which twisted effects, ever-evolving background textures and swinging arrangements are added in order to spice things up and create a solid dancefloor tool. The track is taken from Fantastic Friends“Oasis” Various Artists compilation which also features tracks from Dachshund, Brizman and Dieru.

Oscar Jones – Chi [Leftback]

Leftback Records announces the next instalment in their Leftback Intercities digital series to arrive soon with Leeds-based artist Oscar Jones at the controls alongside Micallef on remix duties. “Chi” opens “Foundations EP” with a laid-back vibe powered by broken beats, glitchy patterns and eerie textures that incorporate subtle jazzy chords and mysterious vocal samples that set up the tone of the whole journey with style.

Etro Hahn & Herman Saiz – Looking Glass (Vid Remix) [Sounds of Sirius]

Side B of Etro Hahn & Herman Saiz‘s “Stargate EP” released on Sounds of Sirius brings forward the second original cut of the record entitled “Looking Glass” as well as its counterpart crafted by Vid. Dive into a hypnotic minimal affair best fitted for dimly lighted dancefloors.

Cirkel Square – Running Visions EP [Fafo Records]

The 24th instalment in Fafo Records‘ extended catalogue welcomes Cirkel Square alongside Vincent Casanova and userUNKNWN on remix duties. Designed with intense minimal techno and microhouse vibes, “Running Visions EP” is definitely a must-have for collectors and selectors alike.

Cesare vs Disorder & Weg – First Night [Serialism Records]

Cesare vs Disorder and Weg team up for a hypnotic sonic adventure entitled “First Night”, an uplifting yet immersive composition designed with meandering textures, swirling pads, spaced-out effects and a carefully crafted track progression. The cut is to be found on Volume 5 of the “Before Everything Else” Various Artists series brought forward by Serialism Records.

Vid – Red [Kontent]

Designed with Vid’s fingerprint style, “Red” drops a solid minimal techno sound elegantly crafted with glitched patterns, twisted overlayed textures and a constant drive that creates an eerie yet steaming atmosphere. A distinct dark mood looms over the whole track yet it never morphs into something stranger than it already is. The track marks the A2 entry on Kontent005 published by Vlad Arapasu‘s record label Kontent.

Bryz – Hmood [Concept Records]

“Hmood” by Bryz lays out a smooth and funky steady-paced rhythm elegantly complemented by groovy synth melodies, warm background textures and mysterious vocal samples that call for a dance. The track is part of “Ethics” Various Artists, the vinyl debut of the Romanian label Concept Records.

Firesc – Unirevers [Selekt Sounds]

“Various Selektions 001” released by Selekt Sounds features amazing tracks from Modebaku, Vermeil, Tibi, a773, Ali Demir, Hendriks Toth, Albert Azar, IAGO, LIO, Chuwee, Anderson Chase, label head Rupert Wall and our featured artist, Romanian artist Firesc, who opens the release with a warm and engaging minimal sound designed with bright textures and a steady-paced laid-back rhythm.

Jay Tripwire – The Real Life of John Merrick (Herck Remix) [VRNT]

Canadian record label VRNT returns with its third vinyl pressing, inviting Vancouver’s techno icon Jay Tripwire to take over the beats alongside Romanian DJ and producer Herck on remix duties. The reconstructed version undoubtedly stands out as instead of getting the artist’s twisted dark minimal sound, we’re being served a groovy steady-paced composition that strips back the original and tunes it down into the realm of rominimal.

Gals – Yellow (Original Mix) [Intelligent Sound]

Intelligent Sound‘s label head Evgeniy Terzi aka Gals presents “Yellow EP”, bringing forward an original steaming cut and three amazing remixes from Last Pines, Kame2 and Zlatnichi. Opening the EP, the original take on the title track elegantly invites the listener to put on his dancing shoes and dive into an organic flow of groovy drumming patterns, swinging pads, twisted effects and carefully crafted glitched layers.

Last Pines – Nocturnal [Modeight]

Silat Beksi‘s renowned record label Modeight returns with another superb 12″, this time with UK-based brotherly duo Clay and Heath Ostrer aka Last Pines at the controls dropping “Solon EP”. On Side B and we find “Nocturnal”, a darkly hued, warehouse-worthy jam, designed with a driving steady-paced rhythm that progressively incorporates a rattling bassline, heavily-modulated vocal samples, subtle glitched elements and spiralling tonal overlays.

Priku – Chicago Drive [Eastenderz]

In a collective effort to show support and help the people that were directly affected by the devastating earthquake that hit Turkey and Syria, London-based record label Eastenderz invites artists from all over the world in solidarity with the cause to be part of “TURKEY – Fundraising Compilation”, a very diverse and collectable Various Artists selection showcasing 21 tracks. Among them, we find Priku‘s “Chicago Drive”, a first-hand pick when it comes to nighttime sonic affairs.

Osvit – Running [Ambrosia Records]

Spanish imprint Ambrosia Records joins forces with the Ukrainian charitable foundation Voices of Children in order to raise funds for crucial psychological support for kids impacted by the war. This collaborative effort brings together a stunning collection of electronic music in the form of “VA For Ukrainian Children” signed by talented artists from all over the world, including Odessa-based artist Yura Sitov aka Osvit.

Entoniu & Agape – Santa Maria [21th Street Records]

“Santa Maria” by the Italian duo Entoniu & Agape lays out a relaxed steady-paced beat that gently combines with ethereal vocal samples and spacious breakdowns in order to create an immersive experience best-fitted for the early afterhours or laid-back afternoon moments.

August Artier – Lo-Fi Stories 01 [Serialism Records]

Italo-Australian artist August Artier presents “Lo-Fi Stories 01” on Serialism Records, a raw and twisted minimal techno cut designed with a funky swing that dives deep into eerie tribal flavours, smoothly combined with low-slung analog textures, sharp sequences, subtly glitched layers and spacious breakdowns.

Vlad Bretan – Contre Jour [Never Is Eternal]

The well-known Spanish record label Never Is Eternal returns to its digital playground with “Contre Jour EP” signed by local DJ and producer Vlad Bretan alongside Chrivu and Ignacio Morales on remix duties. The track opens the release with a steady-paced rhythm that slowly expands into a pulsating affair designed with ever-evolving background textures, mysterious reverberating tones and subtle glitched layers.

Terence :Terry: – Two Thousands Zero Zero [Seriously Records]

The freshly founded Seriously Records announces its first release to arrive soon with Parisian artist Terence :Terry: at the controls alongside Jacobo Saavedra on remix duties. Titled “No Kleenex For The Tears EP”, the material delivers a flamboyant and electrifying sound that incorporates different shades of breaks and minimal, including our featured track “Two Thousands Zero Zero” inspired by a classic song by Prince.

Rangø – Paraphrase (Roni Amitai remix) [Paulum]

Berlin-based record label Paulum returns with its second release with Rangø at the controls and two steaming remixes from Roni Amitai and label head himself Casimir von Oettingen aka CVO. While the original edit of “Paraphrase” reveals a steady-paced yet uplifting sound designed with warm textures, subtle wobbling melodies and a relentless drive, the reinterpretation focuses on modulating the synth layers from their breezy and dubby feeling to something a bit more twisted with an acidic touch and a pinch of psychedelic.

Vlad Arapasu – Chimichurri/Shaper (exclusive tracks for EASP exhibition at Lente)

Time to slow the tempo down and prepare for the ending. Both tracks here were designed by Vlad Arapasu in different genres in order to capture the multiple possibilities that arise when exploring urban themes. From dynamic rhythmic movements to more settled narratives, the music captures the scenery of the city translated into unique electronic music for the EASP project.

t.quoise – life in reverse [soundsphere]

Closing this selection, “life in reverse” by t.quoise released on the local label Soundsphere brings forward an immersive downtempo sound flavoured with trip-hop, IDM, ambient and psychedelic rhythms and textures, perfect to take anyone on an insightful self-exploration journey on this beautiful 420 Day.

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Words by: AndreiB

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