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feeder sound live with Primărie
feeder sound LIVE 🔴 with Primărie

Last year on November 18th we managed to bring forward a new episode of the feeder sound live streaming series, with support from the Romanian Ministry of Culture. For this session we invited Primărie, the founder of the renowned local label Tzinah Records and Pisica Pătrată, a visionary illustrator and muralist, to combine the modern aspects of electronic music with contemporary art and merge the two cultures into an inspiring manifesto. The result features 2h of groovy rhythms and textures and a large 2×1.5m canvas portraying a mysterious yet funny character. You can explore more photos and videos made by Petre Fall in this article.

Since 2007, when he began his career, Primărie has steadily grown into one of the most influential artists in both local and international scenes, carefully shaping the house and techno movement throughout the years. His activity extends to his notorious outlet Tzinah Records, which brought together numerous rising and established DJs and producers for unforgettable showcase events and top-notch releases. Today, we’ll enjoy the recording of his set from our secret headquarters, played on 3 CDJs with a lot of imagination!

“It was definitely a unique experience for me, it was a creation in tandem with the painter and the atmosphere of the studio, it was 2 hours in which I forgot about time, I entered the black hole and I went out into another universe.”


feeder sound with Primărie reveals a meandering story based on smooth microhouse, deep house, minimal techno and driving breakbeat-infused cuts that incorporate both old-school gems and fresh productions. The energy of the set is elegantly balanced by introspective moments so expect a highly enjoyable ride into the colourful vibes of this unique session 🚀

Primărie on facebook | soundcloud | Tzinah Records

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Words by AndreiB

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