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Various Artists – Feeder Open Calling [Tzinah Records]

The feeder sound Open Call for DJs and producers that took place between July and September last year saw a lot of talented artists sending mixes and tracks for the contest, summing up to 127 entries in total. After the winners were announced, Primarie had the idea of another special prize for the producer’s section as he was a part of the jury and had listened to 72 tracks from which he had to choose only 3. In this way and Tzinah Records teamed up in order to deliver the Feeder Open Calling Various Artists compilation featuring Paradoxal, Techu, GJetson, Widovski, Steve, Mryn, Jack Cheler, Sonder, Zeitgeist & Gustave, Empat and Red Pig Flower.

The release is available in digital format and received support from artists like Richie Hawtin, Joseph Capriati, Hector Moralez, Archie Hamilton, Varhat, Lizz, Vlad Arapasu, Sebastian Eric, Vern, Andu Simion, Miss I, Jorge Savoretti, Petit Batou and Iuly.B, amongst many others. Let’s dive in and explore the tracks in more detail!

The VA opens with Paradoxal’s “Lost Treasure In The Woods”, an engaging minimalistic piece designed with bright melodic textures and playful build-ups. Here, the rising artist showcases his skills in crafting elegant micropatterns, steadily building a name for himself as his track received the 1st prize. Next, there’s “Pana De Curent” by Techu, a more uplifting cut built with a solid bassline in focus and swirling effects that add even more spice to the whole.

Following, we find “Faithmore” signed by GJetson, an emerging artist from Targu Mures with an impressive independent discography available on his Bandcamp page. His track reveals a melancholic feeling, slowly building itself with long pads, mellow notes and soothing percussive elements. The fourth track is titled “Erised’s Mirror” and sees Widovski delivering a bleeping minimal arrangement that flows at a steady pace while Steve’s “Archonic” unveils a spacious composition built with dark undertones, ever-evolving background patterns and vast build-ups.

The atmosphere is passed over to “Eerie” by Mryn, who also goes for a gloomy sound powered by a throbbing bassline while Jack Cheler’s “Photography” captures a funky resonance flavoured with intricate rhythmic sequences and hypnotic voices. His track won the 2nd prize, proving his abilities as a producer, well-known for his releases with Handcrafted Label, Welter Records, Tip Tap Records, Inwave and Kootz Records. Number eight introduces us to the syncopated harmonics of “Space Baby” dropped by Sonder while number nine, “El Laberinto”, is a 126 BPM groovy minimal take delivered by Brazilian DJs and producers Zeitgeist & Gustave.

Next, there’s the deep vibration of “Voice Within” by Empat, a young artist based in Bucharest who published some of his works with Tupiar, Baile Musik, Vivus and Deep Tech Records. The electro-infused elements combined with an uncanny broken beat result in a dreamy composition that can easily make one’s mind start wandering. Closing the VA, the emotional sound of “You Are Not Mine” by Red Pig Flower speaks about a personal experience the artist recently been through, regarding the intricacies of love and how it affects us all.

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Artist: Various Artists
Title: Feeder Open Calling
Label: Tzinah Records
Cat. number: TZH128
Release date: 14.01.2020
Format: Digital


Words by AndreiB


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