Un.Party w/ Mihigh // G76 // Paul K

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Un.Party w/ Mihigh // G76 // Paul K

Un.Party w/ Mihigh // G76 // Paul K

A new decade is shaping up. As our travels through time and space are continuous, our search for hypnotic sounds is never-ending. Start the new year by recharging your batteries so that your inner self is ready for everything that is yet to come!


Gojnea / G76
Paul K 

Funktion One SoundSystem by Moshoi Funktion-One rental
Visuals by Hybrid Lab
Early bird tickets – 20 lei


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📝 Editor’s note: to get ready for the party, we recommend you listen to these small masterpieces:

feeder sound 26 mixed by Mihigh

Mihigh – “Casa Vargas EP” [Hashplant] 

Mihigh – “Feint of heart” [Eliptic]

feeder sound exclusive premiere of Mihigh, Paul K – Light Of Unity, a track that appears on the “Unified Field EP“ [Melodrom], out on the 30th of July 2019

feeder sound 28 mixed by G76 – Desert Bucharest

G76 – Bombs Over Leamington Spa [Castanea Records]

And read our feeder insider w/ G76 and feeder insider w/ Mihigh.

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